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Cheap Caskets for Sale

     Here at Trusted Caskets, we offer high-quality caskets for sale at the best price in the U.S. We strive to provide the service with great attention to every small detail. Our online caskets catalog is available 24/7. Here you can find various types of caskets, such as Cremation Caskets, Wooden Caskets, Metal Caskets, and Oversized Caskets, as well as premium Stainless Steel Caskets. Our funeral caskets come in various shapes and finishes and in different colors, from beautifully painted brushed metal to mirror-like polished piano wood finishes. Also, we offer casket prices affordable to any budget. Here, you can always get the best deal on a casket for your loved one. Purchase of a casket or coffin online could be very beneficial for a buyer- you can get the product you like as fast as the next day almost anywhere in the United States, no matter where you are located. Also, this is the best way to save money. Our team works hard to provide customers with the best price. We work directly with manufacturers without intermediaries. By cutting the middle man, we can save you thousands of dollars on funeral costs. We always have a better price than in any funeral home or retailer like Costco or Walmart.

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Metal and Wooden Caskets

     Caskets or Coffins can be categorized into two basic material types, Metal Caskets, and Wooden Caskets. Metal ones are manufactured from various metal materials, including Bronze, Copper, Stainless Steel, and Standard Steel. Metal caskets are always more durable compared to wooden caskets. 18 gauge and 20 Gauge Metal caskets are the most popular in the U.S. market today. The gauge casket number shows how thick a metal is. The less the number - the thicker the wall. For example, 18 gauge caskets have a thicker wall than 20 gauge caskets, and it's heavier. The wood caskets are considered traditional caskets and are made of wood materials, including Mahogany caskets, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pine, Poplar, and Veneer. Also, there is a Cremation Caskets category, those products designed especially for cremation needs and usually do not contain any metal parts.

     The majority of Metal caskets and coffins have a special rubber gasket on the lid or on the casket shell. The rubber gasket is inserted around the entire perimeter of the funeral casket. The gasket feature has been designed to prevent outside elements from entering the casket at burial time. Wood caskets and products for cremation are not constructed with gaskets.

     The two most highly selected interior materials are made from either velvet interior or crepe. Casket interiors are designed to project softness and compliment the exterior finish of the casket. Some of our funeral coffins are available with embroidery inside a lid to add more personality. Velvet interior is considered the softer and more luxurious of the two materials; therefore, velvet creates a visual and tactile difference between metal and wood caskets. Caskets come in two basic lid types, half couch and full couch. Half Couch refers to a two-piece lid of equal lengths. Typically only one lid piece is opened for viewings to reveal the deceased from the waist up. The half couch is the most commonly used lid style. Full Couch refers to a one-piece lid extending the length of the casket.

Casket prices

     While many people ask us this question, we always want to ensure that our customers are not just buying a cheap casket. You need to get the best deal on a high-quality funeral casket or coffin at the best price. Casket prices vary and depend on many factors. At this difficult time of grief, here at Trusted Caskets, we are ready to offer you funeral caskets for sale at the lowest price on the market. The main factors that affected the casket prices are the type of casket, the type of material used to build the coffin or casket, type of interior. For instance, caskets for cremation, veneer wood caskets, and 18 or 20-gauge metal caskets are usually considered less expensive options. On the other hand, oversized caskets, stainless steel caskets, solid wood caskets, copper, and solid bronze caskets are typically considered more expensive because of the higher price of the materials and involve more expensive technologies to build them. The burial and funeral services are expensive. The typical price starts from $7500 and can easily exсeed $20000. If you check the casket price list in the local funeral home, the average price there for a burial casket is between $3500 to $9500. Some of them buy caskets from online retailers like us, adding several thousand to our price and trying to sell them. With Trusted Caskets, our clients have the best deal possible to buy a high-quality casket and not overpay for that.

Why Trusted Caskets

     When the time comes and a family member passes away, funeral planning is never easy. That’s why it’s important to work with professionals like funeral directors and casket supplier companies like Trusted Caskets. It’s important to give our loved ones a good service. Choosing the right casket is one of the most important aspects of funeral planning. Our sales representatives are available 7 days a week to help you choose the right casket. We offer a Quality Guaranty for all our products, wooden and metal caskets, which means free exchange or refund in case of damage or product defect. We are partners with more than 150 ground and air freight shipping companies. You can count on us, and be sure we always provide you with a timely manner delivery. We offer a free shipping option as well as next-day shipping if it's needed. Our goal is to make the process of choosing a casket as easy as possible. We know how challenging it is to make funeral arrangements and wants to help you make the process simple.

Know your rights, the FTC Funeral Rule

The last thing you need to worry about is whether the funeral home accepts the casket from us, and the short answer is don't worry about it. There is a Funeral Rule. You can find it on the website of the Federal Trade Commission, by which the funeral home has no right to refuse coffins from a third-party seller. Under this Federal Law, Funeral homes and your funeral director have no choice but to accept caskets from any supplier. It isn't necessary to buy a casket, urn, or any other product from a local funeral home if you can buy the same casket from us and save $2000-5000. Additionally, funeral homes are not allowed to charge any handling fee for the use of caskets from a third-party seller. You can be sure the Funeral Homes must accept our caskets.

You can visit the Federal Trade Commission, the official website to get more information here: The FTC Funeral Rule


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