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Fresno Caskets

Funeral Caskets for Sale in Fresno

Fresno casket company Trusted Caskets offers a wide range of funeral caskets and coffins for sale everywhere in California and all surrounding areas. On the time of need, we offer FREE shipping for all our funeral caskets everywhere in the Fresno area. You will receive any coffin from our online catalog on Next-Day or the second day after the order. Our team is here to help you with all the funeral service needs. We understand how important it is for our customers to choose the right burial or cremation casket for your loved one. Here at Trusted Caskets, we offer high-quality funeral caskets and coffins for sale at wholesale prices. Our casket store is open 7 days a week, please don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Traditional Caskets

Our website provides full details on all of the burial caskets for sale offered at Trusted Caskets. We believe in providing full transparency to our customers, and include the required information in our website descriptions. Of course, our team of sales professionals is also here to assist with questions to provide any specific information required. It is not uncommon for people to require additional information on the coffins we offer, particularly on the differences in materials. Traditional wooden caskets are made of wood. These are beautifully designed, rich, elegant, and timeless in their appearance. We carefully select models with attention to detail in both the exterior and interior design on the coffin. In addition to the solid wood options, Trusted Caskets also provides veneer wood caskets, which offer a luxurious and classic look along with affordability. For a traditional burial, these coffins can be finished with aluminum, bronze or other metals adding to the detailing. All our funeral caskets perfectly fit in a standard burial vault.

Elegant Metal Caskets

We offer metal caskets made of 18 gauge or 20 gauge steel, and stainless steel caskets that provide a very durable and long-lasting final resting place. These caskets and coffins, including our steel caskets, come in a variety of colors and styles. Additionally, we always have an oversize caskets models in stock. Metal and steel caskets are resistant to natural types of corrosion, which increases the durability of the coffin once interred. Most of our metal caskets are shipped with a full rubber gasket sealer and locking system to protect the casket from outside factors.

Cremation Caskets Made of Wood

Having a casket for visitation, memorial and funeral services as well as for the cremation is important to many people and families. Crematory and cremation providers use online a cardboard box, which is not suitable for public viewing or visitation. Trusted Caskets provides an extensive inventory of all wood cremation caskets. This includes the specific use of wood hardware that is fully consumed during the cremation process. These coffins are beautifully designed with regards to exterior features as well as interior options. Interior Considerations for a Funeral Casket The same level of attention to detail and craftsmanship found on the exterior of our funeral casket models is found on the interior as well. All of our coffins have a fabric interior, which varies based on the specific model selected. A matching pillow and throw is included, which allows for an open coffin service if requested by the family. Here at Trusted Caskets, we offer you the option to choose from an extensive inventory of top quality burial and cremation caskets. With our low pricing, one or two-day expedited delivery service or our standard free ground shipping, we offer the most affordable pricing on Wooden caskets and metal coffins, as well as a top reputation for compassionate, helpful customer service.

Affordable Casket Prices

We work directly with casket manufacturers and always provide our clients with a better price when anywhere in Fresno, California. Our casket prices are generally 50 to 85 percent less expensive than in any funeral homes in the United States and Fresno as well. Buying funeral casket from us, you get the same products that your local funeral home offering you, but you get it directly without a middle man, this way you are able to get the best deal on coffin price. Our burial and cremation caskets are designed to be not only high quality but they are also very affordable. On the time of need, purchase of a casket online could be very beneficiary - you can get the product you like, as fast as the next day, doesn't matter where you are located, - we can ship it for free anywhere in California with the next day delivery.


We are partners with more than 150 cargo carriers and we ship our caskets to any funeral home in Fresno County as well as everywhere in the United States. We always provide several different shipping options, including free delivery and next-day shipping options. Please call us and one of our representatives provide you with the best shipping options suitable to your area.

Know your rights, The Funeral Rule:

Under California Law, and the Federal Law, Funeral Homes, and the mortuary and your funeral director have no choice but to accept coffin, urn, burial vault or any other funeral merchandise from any third party suppliers. It isn't necessary to buy a casket, urn or any other funeral product from a local funeral home or mortuary if you can buy the same product from us and save on average $2500-$5000. You can be sure, the Funeral Homes and your funeral director accept our coffin. Visit the Federal Trade Commission, official website to get more information here: The FTC Funeral Rule.


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