Classic - Poplar Veneer Wood Casket with White Velvet Interior


SKU: TC9108
Casket Description

The Classic funeral casket handmade of a mahogany veneer wood and polished to a gloss finish. Casket comes with a soft, White-colored velvet interior and included a matching pillow and throw. This traditional casket features two solid wood handles on either side. This casket made of wood materials and only small metal parts added, which also allows using this casket for cremation purposes. Featuring squared corners, this casket perfectly fits into standard burial vaults. Truly classic design and extremely durable materials make this finely crafted casket the great tribute you could offer to your loved one. 

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Features of Mahogany Veneer Wood Casket:

  • Glossy finish
  • Poplar veneer wood 
  • Ivory velvet interior
  • Half couch
  • This casket can be used for cremation  
  • Matching Pillow and Throw
  • Adjustable rest bed
  • Squared corners
  • Locking Mechanism
  • This casket fits all standard vaults

Casket Dimensions:

  • Exterior: 81L x 28W x 21H
  • Interior: 77” x 23”
  • Weight 200 pounds