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Cheap Caskets for Sale

Trusted Caskets, where your loved one's burial becomes more manageable with our high-quality and cheap caskets for sale. You can find various types of caskets, such as Cremation Caskets, Oversized Caskets, and caskets made of Wood, Metal, and premium Stainless Steel. Offering high-quality options at the best prices, Trusted Caskets is here to support you through your journey of loss. Our extensive catalog includes a wide selection of affordable funeral caskets that are diverse and will fit everyone's needs.

Our online catalog is live 24/7; along with our customer support, we help you choose the best option fit for your funeral planning. Trusted Caskets is not just a service; it's the embodiment of our commitment to making this stressful and highly emotional time a little more bearable and more dignified.

What To Know Before Choosing Funeral Caskets

Cremation Caskets

Cremation caskets, also known as alternative containers, are specially made for cremation needs and purposes. They differ from traditional caskets in that they are designed without metal parts, ensuring a smooth parting.

Interior Materials And Casket Lid Types

Amongst the interior materials used in caskets and coffins, velvet and crepe are most commonly used, as these fabrics exude a sense of elegance, softness, and comfort. A velvet interior is considered more luxurious and opulent while also aesthetically pleasing. What makes this even more special is the option for embroidery inside the lid; it's like weaving a touch of personal warmth into the farewell.

There are two common lid types for caskets, half couches and full couches. A half-couch style coffin has a two-piece lid of equal lengths and is the more common lid choice. A full couch-style coffin is a one-piece lid extending the whole length of the casket.

Affordable Options Without Compromise

Trusted Caskets is committed to making quality caskets affordable to everyone. We provide high-quality caskets at prices that will not add burden to your emotional journey.

Purchasing a coffin or casket online is the best way to save money on unreasonable expenditures. Funerals are already super expensive; they are no joke to your wallet, but we can bring you the best quality caskets at the most affordable prices.

We are able to do this because we work directly with the manufacturers, saving you money in the thousands on funeral casket costs.

Our prices are always better than any of your local funeral homes or retailers like Costco or Walmart.

You can easily check how much do caskets cost from your home or mobile device at any time.

Funeral Casket Price

Worrying about the cost and the delivery of the casket at your moment of loss is not what you should be burdened with. With us, our dedication to making your farewell successful ensures that your purchase is delivered to you on time, is of the best quality, and, importantly, not a burden on your bank account.

Caskets cost between $3,500 and $8,500 per casket in your average local funeral home. That's expansive. And with the average funeral budget between $7,500 and the staggering amount of $20,000, you can bet that burial expenses quickly add up.

We'll reveal a secret here. Some funeral homes don't even purchase the caskets/coffins from the manufacturers. Instead, they mark up their prices by some thousand dollars after buying their funeral caskets from online shops, like ours, for much cheaper.

Cremation caskets are created to burn easily and smoothly for your funeral planning to go off without a hitch, which is why they are comparatively a more budget-friendly option to our more expensive options that include oversized coffins, wooden caskets, stainless steel caskets, copper caskets, solid bronze caskets.

As people in the industry, we are often asked what drives the cost of a casket. Well, there's actually no definitive chart to point to. It's a blend of factors: the type of casket you choose, the materials used, the intricate design inside, and some added detailing that some people wish to customize for their departed family.

Why Trusted Caskets

Trusted Caskets understands the challenges and emotions that families face during these difficult times, and that's why we stand out as a reputable casket supplier for your loved one. Here are some reasons why Trusted Caskets is a trusted choice when it comes to casket selection:

Quality Caskets: When it comes to high-quality caskets and coffins made with the best material for the right occasion, Trusted Caskets brings all that to the table and more. Our clients are also guaranteed a free exchange or refund under our Quality Guarantee offer for all our products, which means in case of any damage or product defect on our products.

Affordable Options: Trusted Caskets understand the financial burden that funerals can bring. Our aim has consistently been to provide quality and honor to our loved ones' funerals and ensure that families can find a casket that fits their budget without sacrificing anything.

Convenience: Our sales representatives are always available, 24/7, to answer any of your questions, clarify your doubts, and guide you in choosing the best casket for your loved one.

Coffins Shipping: With strong partnerships with all major air and ground shipping companies, your casket is delivered promptly and securely. Free local delivery is also available, along with several shipping options, including next-day shipping.

Your Final Farewell, Our Commitment: Trusted Caskets.

Our Diverse and Great Selection of Caskets

Trusted Caskets offers a wide range of casket types to suit individual preferences and specific needs.

Our caskets and coffins are differentiated according to the following:

  • The material the casket is made of- Steel or Wooden Caskets

  • The type of service- Burial or Cremation

  • The size of the casket- A standard-sized casket, an oversized casket or a small/baby casket

Caskets come with some interior differences in style and material. Our extensive selection includes various materials, sizes, finishes, and colors, from common to unique ones like pink. Our selection boasts pristine and brushed metal caskets that have been beautifully painted to different types of polished wooden finishes, and the differences are what make each product unique and personalized for your loved one.

Metal and Wooden Caskets

When it comes to Coffins, you might wonder what the difference is between Metal and Wooden Caskets. Each material has its distinct personality, and choosing between these two can be a profound decision during funeral planning, one that's all about personalization and meeting your unique needs.

Metal Caskets

Metal caskets, like copper, bronze, and stainless steel, are known for their durability and being extra sturdy. Amongst metal caskets, 18-gauge and 20-gauge metal caskets are usually preferred for burials in the US. When it comes to the difference between the two casket types, an 18-gauge casket is much heavier than the 20-gauge because the 18-gauge casket boasts a much thicker wall than the 20-gauge metal casket.

Wooden Caskets

Wood is the traditionally considered choice and is often selected for its elegant appearance. Our wooden casket includes Mahogany, Walnut, Poplar, Cherry, Pine, Maple, Oak, and Veneer wood. With wood caskets, you have the freedom of customization options, including different types of materials, finishes, and intricate designs. This allows you to choose a casket that is personalized for your loved ones.

Know your rights, the FTC Funeral Rule

The last thing on your mind should be whether the funeral home will accept funeral products purchased elsewhere. Rest assured, there exists a provision known as the FTC Funeral Rule. This rule, outlined on the Federal Trade Commission's official website, dictates that funeral homes are not within their rights to decline a casket sourced from a third-party seller. Moreover, funeral homes are prohibited from imposing any handling fees for utilizing caskets from third-party vendors. By this federal law, your chosen funeral home and director must accommodate caskets, urns, and other products obtained through alternative means.

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