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Caskets for sale in Nevada

Funerals Caskets for Sale in NEVADA

Here in Nevada, Trusted Caskets company offers a wide selection of metal and wooden caskets at discount prices up to 85 percent lower than in any local funeral home. We offer Fast caskets Shipping everywhere in Nevada, including Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Carson City, Sparks, and all other cities and surrounding areas in Nevada.

Buying A Casket For A Funeral In Nevada

Even when the death of a loved one is expected due to illness, accident, or age, it is still very challenging for the family. This is particularly true for those in charge of planning funeral services. There is a myriad of questions, decisions, and choices to consider in any funeral service. While there are slightly fewer choices for cremation services as compared to a traditional burial service, deciding on a casket is typically one of the choices involved in both options. In Nevada, you always can rely on Trusted Caskets, since we offer one of the biggest casket assortment. Also, we offer the most affordable casket prices in Nevada.

Let Trusted Caskets Help You

One of the most important facts that people planning a funeral in Nevada need to realize is that there are options to purchase caskets and coffins from third-party casket sellers like us. Typically, the funeral homes offer just 7-10 different casket models and usually at the prices that 2-3 times higher than our prices for the same products. The reason is simple, they are also buying from retailers like us and then they sell the caskets to you included in one of the funeral package. Buying the casket direct from Trusted Caskets, you can save $1000's on the funeral costs by cutting the middle man, also with us, you have an extended selection of a casket. Trusted Caskets are a company that sells caskets and coffins, both directly to the public as well as to the funeral homes. We only offer caskets for sale, which means we work directly with the manufacturers and are able to obtain the best possible pricing, even better than the funeral homes who purchase their coffins from us or other third-party suppliers. This means when you need to buy a funeral casket, you get the best possible pricing anywhere in Nevada or the entire U.S. Comparing our casket prices to the same style and design of caskets in a funeral home gives you a clear picture of the savings we are able to offer our customers. It is typical to see savings of 50-85% off the price funeral homes charge for the same coffins. We offer both, the traditional wood caskets, made of solid wood or veneer wood, and the ultra-strong and durable metal caskets made of 18 gauge and 20 gauge steel. We also offer stainless steel caskets and caskets for cremation as well as oversized caskets. Our team of sales professionals can work with you based on your preferences in coffins, your budget, and timeframes for the delivery. We can listen to your needs and make recommendations from our extensive caskets inventory, and we are also here to assist you in ensuring the casket arrives at your location anywhere in Nevada when needed. We offer quick, expedited shipping.

Metal, Steel, or Wood Caskets?

All of the metal caskets and the wooden caskets we offer at Trusted Caskets are carefully selected for their quality craftsmanship. This means we only work directly with manufacturers who provide attention to detail in all aspects of their construction and to the quality of materials. The majority of the metal and stainless steel caskets come with a special rubber gasket seal on the casket lid to protect the body of the deceased inside of the casket. Our metal caskets are made of either 18 gauge or 20 gauge metal. They are beautifully finished in colors that range from classic white to pink, blue, and stunning copper, or rose colors and many more. The interiors of the coffins are designed to match the exterior, and some of the caskets have additional design details and finishing that add incredible elegance. We offer caskets with crepe, velvet interior or satin. Stainless steel caskets are the premium choice, it is long-lasting and rust-protected funeral products with elegant styles. The models of coffins for sale we offer include many kinds of designs, colors, and shapes to fit any taste and budget. Wood caskets, considered as a more traditional casket, and like our metal caskets, are designed with attention to every detail. They come in solid wood and veneer wood as a more budget-friendly option and are also available in full range of natural wood colors from lighter oak and maple to darker teak, mahogany and cherry wood, they come in a gloss or a matt finish. The interior of these caskets includes white, blue, pink or ivory fabric colors. We offer both half couch and full couch caskets for sale, most of them have an adjustable bed. For cremation caskets, we offer a full inventory of wood caskets with wooden hardware. They can be used for the cremation and also most of them can be used for the traditional burial or the "green burials", since they are made of wood and sized to fit into standard burial vaults. Our goal at Trusted Caskets is to make this difficult time as easy as possible for our customers. We are here to assist in all aspects of buying a casket, including providing the lowest possible prices everywhere in Nevada and the most cost-effective delivery method to meet your needs.

Know your rights, the FTC Funeral Rule:

The last thing you need to worry about if the funeral home accepts the casket from us or not and the short answer is don't worry about it. There is a Funeral Rule, you can find it on the website of the Federal Trade Commission, by which the funeral home has no right to refuse coffins from a third-party seller. Under this Federal Law, Funeral homes and your funeral director have no choice but to accept caskets from any supplier. It isn't necessary to buy a casket, urn or any other product from a local funeral home if you can buy the same casket from us and save $2000-5000. Additionally, funeral homes are not allowed to charge any handling fee for the use of caskets from a third-party seller. You can be sure, the Funeral Homes must accept our caskets. You can visit the Federal Trade Commission, the official website to get more information here: The FTC Funeral Rule


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