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Our Mission

Trusted Caskets was founded with one thing in mind: to provide the very best and most affordable prices for the funeral caskets for grieving families.
We strive to provide sincere and respectful service to all our customers. At Trusted Caskets, we do not take any unnecessary or hidden fees and take away the unnecessary financial burden from grieving families. We stand behind our company name, value our reputation, and understand that the only way to build a reputation is to create a trusted relationship with the customers.

The funeral is never easy; sometimes it comes expectantly as a logical end of a long life journey, and sometimes bursts into our lives suddenly, but either way, it's never easy, and we are here to help.

The problem

The funeral is not only a very stressful and emotionally difficult moment for most people, but it is also costly. The funeral is one of the most expensive events in our lives, and not everyone is ready for that. The funeral industry is has been around for thousands of years, and we believe that it needs to be modernized and made more affordable, so all people can honor the memory of their loved ones the way they deserve.


Here at Trusted Caskets, we do our best to provide grieving families with quality funeral products and the very best customer service. As a casket company, we offer a wide range of funeral caskets in different designs, and most importantly, affordable prices, so everyone can find something they like. We have built close partners relationships with large caskets factories, so we can always provide our customers with the most affordable price in the US, which helps save thousands of dollars on funeral costs. Our company achieves success in business by taking care of the customers and paying great attention to every detail. Our top priority is to simplify the process as much as possible to let our customers focus on what is important to them.

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Our Advantages

Trusted Caskets offers the best casket prices, quality guarantee for all our products, quick shipping, and the best customer service.
We provide fast casket delivery to any funeral home of your choice. If this is more convenient for you, we can even deliver the casket to residential locations, and we provide the overnight caskets delivery service if that's needed.
We value our reputation and always keep promises to our customers. All orders are fulfilled manually, and we always check the delivery time to ensure on-time worry-free casket delivery. Our goal is quality service and good results, so we partner with many cargo companies. We are always ready to offer the fastest and most reliable delivery method in your area.
Our site is up to date daily, and it's always shown what we have in stock, so you can be sure the product you like is available.
We are proud to offer a wide assortment of different kinds of funeral caskets at the most affordable price. Our product assortment includes wooden caskets made of Walnut, Pine Caskets, Mahogany Caskets, some Teak wood caskets, Poplar caskets, caskets made of Cherry, Oak, and many more. Metal caskets are also very popular, so we offer an extensive selection of caskets made of 18 and 20 gauge steel, as well as stainless steel caskets. If you are looking for a cremation casket or oversized caskets, we also can help you with that. We are here for you.

Our Story

No one thinks about the funeral before you have to face this unfortunate event.
Hello, my name is Tim. Back in 2015, I faced the loss of my father, and I found myself in a position where I had to arrange a funeral for the first time in my life. The loss was painful for the family, and it was hard to concentrate on putting things together. I should have made many decisions at that moment, but I didn't know where to start; unfortunately, no one could give me valuable advice.
I went to a local funeral home, and the funeral canceler started filling out the contract. He added different items needed for the funeral and calculated the funeral costs. Most of the items and services listed there were pricy, and I did not even understand if I needed them all. I felt like I was at the desk with a used car salesman who tried to sell me as much as possible at the highest prices possible.
I wanted to give the best memorial service I could afford, and I knew that I had to choose a funeral casket at some point, but I found that the funeral home had just a few choices for caskets. And even if they weren't good enough, the prices were shockingly high. The salesman said this is all he has and I have no choice but accept it.
I had to accept it since I had no previous experience. At that time, I noticed that it's easy to manipulate people in grief, and unfortunately, sometimes, someone's tragedy is an easy way to make some profits.
A couple of years later, unfortunately, my family experienced one more loss. It was a different place, a different funeral home, but the same issues and very high prices. And again, my family had to accept everything they offered us.
After that, I noticed that we are not alone- many people have the same issues arranging funerals, especially choosing the caskets since usually, they are the most expensive items at the funeral. Families have no choice but to break the bank and accept everything the salesman gives them. I knew there should be a better solution.
The idea was to help the people so they could have a choice. At the end of life, everyone deserves to have the funeral and memorial service they want, regardless of how deep the pocket is.
A year later, Trusted Caskets became real and appeared in the US market. Today we are one of the well-known casket brands that people can trust.


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