Frequently Asked Questions


1)How fast will I receive my casket?

 We always provide our customers with the fastest and most convenient shipping option. Qualifying orders are eligible for same-day service.

Usually, we can get casket to funeral home of your choice the next day, by Air or Ground Transportation. We are partners with many transport companies (Delta, United, FedEx, UPS, Saia Freight, and many more) and always offer the best prices and delivery options for our customers in the USA.

We offer Free 1 or 2-day delivery for our customers in California, as well as Expedited ground shipping to most US cities.

Standard delivery hours are 9am to 5pm Local Time. You can also choose the “Time Critical” delivery by 12 pm or by 5 pm (Local time) if it is necessary. We also offer expedited shipping and Next- Day Shipping options.

Please refer to our Shipping Information page to get more details, or call us at (800)950-4042 for any assistance.

**Orders are must be placed by 1 p.m. Cut Off Time to guarantee next-day delivery. Orders placed on Friday after 1 p.m., Saturday, or Sunday may be processed on the following Monday.


2) What information do I need to place an order?

To place an order with us, you need to provide us the name and address of your funeral home or mortuary, where you want us to ship the casket, the date of service/viewing at your funeral home, name of a deceased person.

After placing your order, we will take care of the delivery. If we have any questions, we will contact you.

3) What is the process of buying a casket from Trusted Caskets?

The process of ordering a casket from us is very simple; on our website, you will find a catalog of all our available caskets with prices and descriptions. If you have any questions, our toll-free Calling Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist you with any questions you may have. For payments, we accept all major credit cards or PayPal. After you place the order online, our customer service will contact you to confirm all the necessary details. Our representatives will then contact your funeral home to arrange delivery with them. We will ship the casket on the same day or the next day if you have placed your order after the cutoff time.  Easy process. 

4) Do you charge Sales Tax?

We have to charge sales tax if we ship a casket to you within California. We don't charge sales taxes on all outside of California orders. This is a law, and we can do nothing with this. Please keep in mind, that in the case if you buying the casket from the local funeral home, they will charge you the normal local sales tax also. We are selling the same caskets as the funeral homes, the only difference is our prices are on average 3 to four times lower than in any funeral home, as so as sales taxes.

5) What types of funeral caskets do you sell?

In our inventory, we always have a variety of wood caskets, both solid wood and veneer wood caskets, 18 and 20 gauge metal caskets, stainless steel caskets, cremation caskets, oversized caskets, and child caskets. We have the lowest prices in the country.

6) Why are your prices lower than other casket sellers and much lower than prices in funeral homes?

We only work directly with factories-manufacturers, and we do not use any mediation services or resellers. Therefore, we can give our customers the best price for all the products.

7) How can you guarantee the quality of your caskets?

All products sold by Trusted Caskets are thoroughly tested at factories-manufacturers before shipping to us. We also always check all the caskets we sell before shipping them to our customers. In the case, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you got the wrong one, or you have received a damaged or defective product, you can always contact us to resolve the issue. We are always happy to help our customers.

    ** Please check our return policy.

8) What is BBB accreditation?

For our customers, (Better Business Bureau) accreditation means extra assurance to you that Trusted Caskets follows the strict business practice. Our company is committed to making your online purchase safe and efficient. Trusted Caskets is committed your casket will be delivered in good condition and will arrive in your destination on time.

9) Do you sell vaults?

No, currently we don’t sell vaults.

10) Do you offer free delivery? How much does delivery cost?

We offer free standard ground shipping within California. The shipping fees for other than CA locations are based on the delivery location. Please see the shipping information page.

11) Can I return or exchange the casket if I change my mind?

Please take a look at our Return Policy

12) How do you ship orders?

In Southern California, we deliver with our dedicated drivers. Additionally, depending on customer time requirements, we ship our caskets via ground transportation or air freight companies. In the cases of time-critical orders, we use one of the major air cargo companies like Delta or United to fit the time frame expectations of our clients. We always use the fastest available options. All the shipping’s processed manually by one of our experienced specialists.

13) Would you ship a coffin to my house or funeral home?

We always recommend delivering the coffin directly to the funeral home. This significantly reduces delivery time, and you do not need to worry about packaging and storage.

** Please note: Delivery to rural areas or residential delivery may take a longer time and can be subject to additional costs.

14) How can I contact you?

For assistance, please email us at or call (800)950-4042, and one of our customer service representative will help you as soon as possible.

15) What types of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, bank wire transfers, and online payments via PayPal. 

16) What if the funeral home tells me they won't accept a casket from a third-party seller?

On the website of the Federal Trade Commission, there is a Funeral Rule by which the funeral home has no right to refuse coffins from third-party seller. Funeral homes have no choice but to accept any caskets you chose, whether from a third party vendor or not. Additionally, funeral homes are not allowed to charge any extra money for the use of caskets from a third-party vendor.  You can use our caskets in any funeral home.

Federal Trade Commission, official website:

17) How big is a typical casket?

 The exterior measurements of the most common size for a casket are about 24 inches deep, 27-1/2 inches to 30-1/2 inches wide, and 81 inches in length. In addition, we offer oversized caskets for sale.

18) Why is my funeral home trying to discourage me from buying a coffin from third-party vendors or online?

Because it takes business away from them and they often use a large margin for the coffins they are selling, they might try to dissuade you from buying a coffin online or from a third-party seller.

However, according to the Federal Trade Commission's rules, you have the right to buy a coffin from any third-party seller, and, in most cases, it will help you save a significant amount of money.

19) Do I need to inform the funeral home that I bought a casket from a third-party seller?

It is not necessary to mention that you are going to buy a casket from a third-party seller and this does not violate the rules of the Federal Trade Commission. We recommend you request GPL (General Price List) first, which a funeral home must provide to you by law, and only after receiving the prices for all of their services, inform them that you are planning to buy a casket from a third-party seller. This is not a violation in any way and will allow you to save a decent amount of money.

20) What is the difference between 18-gauge and 20-gauge?

The gauge number indicates how thick the metal is. The lower the gauge-number, the thicker the metal is.

21) What is a sealed casket?

 A casket with a gasket is considered sealed because it has a shaped piece of rubber around the lid that keeps water and air out. A not-sealed casket has no gasket and has only a latch to hold the top of the casket in place. We would recommend the sealed casket if you are transporting the deceased across the state line or transporting by air, sea, or train.

22) What kind of packaging do you use?

Our caskets are packaged in a Styrofoam and cardboard box. Our packaging is designed specifically to prevent any type of damage transportation the casket. Most of the funeral homes do not require disposing of the packaging of the delivered casket. In rare cases, some funeral homes may require the customer or transportation company to dispose of the packaging of the delivered casket. If the funeral home has such a requirement, let us know about it at the moment of purchase or before the shipping, and we will take care of the packaging. If the customer didn’t inform us of the disposal requirement prior to the purchase, we could not instruct the driver to take away the packaging. In addition, you have an option to do it yourself. At the time of delivery, you can take away the packaging and dispose of it yourself. The packaging can be easily folded, then taken away, and disposed of.

23) Do you have oversized caskets?

Yes, we offer both standard and oversized caskets.

24) Do you have caskets for cremation?

Yes, we offer a variation of caskets for cremation. Keep in mind, almost all of the wood caskets can be used for cremation. However, you should check this with the crematory first in the case if the casket you selected has metal parts. In our experience, most of the crematories have no problems removing metal parts after the cremation process.

25) Where can I buy caskets online?

There are several retailers who sell the caskets online. At our shop, you will have the possibility to scroll through a large variety of models, with costs covering budgets of all sizes. Free and fast shipping and a friendly customer service are some of the selling points attracting our customers.

26) What is the cheapest casket you can buy online?

At Trusted Caskets, you can find models starting at as low as about $1000, with the average price for the most popular funeral casket models two times lower than the funeral home's prices.

27) What’s the best casket to buy online?

There is no straight answer, as there are many things to consider. The best casket should match the deceased's personality and come with a price that matches your budget. The coffin should have features that the family appreciates the most (outside material, fabric for the interior, handles, color, etc..) without emptying your wallet. The overall quality counts the most, so make sure you never rush to buy at first sight. Many models are available, so take time to select before placing the order.