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We all know how hard it is to accept the death of a loved one. In fact, no one is ever too prepared or ready to face and battle these emotions. Especially while going through a difficult time; it can be daunting to choose an affordable but right casket given the large selection of caskets and coffins available online at varying prices.

This is why we're here to help you in your decision-making process to make it easier for you to purchase a coffin at the best price. Here at Trusted Caskets, we have a large selection of coffins and caskets to be able to meet your requirements and take some burden off your shoulders during your funeral planning process.

Let us walk you through our large selection of the highest quality caskets and coffins to make your search easier in choosing the right casket for a loved one.

Coffins and Funeral Caskets

Whether you're looking for a casket or a coffin for a loved one to honor their departure, rest assured our customer service is available 24/7 for your support. You can always reach out to us for any clarifications; we'll be glad to be at your service.

We have the highest quality coffins and caskets in various colors and sizes at the best price to fit your budget. You can conveniently shop from our extensive collection, all crafted with quality materials. You'll find wood caskets, metal caskets, oversized caskets, or premium stainless steel caskets in beautiful colors with fine details and finishing.

Because we know when you buy caskets online, you want the best choice for your loved one or a family member to show your utmost love and respect. So we leave no room for any regrets or doubts in our services and try our best to support our consumers while going through a difficult time.

Also, here at Trusted Caskets, we always have the best deal because we're well aware of the expenses during a funeral. So keeping that in mind, we make sure that you don't pay an excessive amount for funeral coffins and provide free shipping for many locations in the US.

Our services are available anywhere in the US, and we can ship the coffin or casket to be delivered to you the next day at your location or funeral home. Moreover, when you purchase coffins and caskets online, you always pay less than retailers or funeral homes, allowing you to save more. This means it can save you thousands of dollars and help you cut down the funeral costs.

Some things to consider while buying coffins and funeral caskets online

At this age, where online shopping is taking over, coffins and caskets can also be conveniently ordered online from the comfort of your home. Moreover, this option is a better alternative than the traditional process of buying a casket because it's less stressful.

As for the traditional approach, you'll have to personally go to the funeral home to purchase a casket or coffin while still mourning the death of a loved one. The disadvantage is that you'll also be paying a hefty amount as funeral homes tend to add up the cost for profit, and at times, it might cost you more than $10,000 for a coffin or casket. Hence, choosing a professional funeral director and experienced retailers like Trusted Caskets will enable you to make the best decision at the best price for quality caskets to honor your loved one.

So the best solution is to buy caskets online because you'll always get to purchase them at a reasonable price without any price hike or sales tricks. We know and understand the pain of purchasing caskets and coffins of a loved one. It can be one of life's most challenging decisions, so we're here to help make your funeral planning process as easy as possible.

By saying this, we offer the highest quality caskets at an average price at Trusted Caskets. There's no price mark-up or additional charges by working directly with the manufacturers without any middle man. We try to keep our prices low without adding additional baggage to your grief so that you can save the cost.

Whether you're pre-planning a funeral for yourself or looking to buy a casket or coffin online, this guide will help you make the best decision.

Setting a budget

This is the first step to tackle before you decide, i.e., setting up a budget. Setting a budget aside for caskets, whether for yourself or a family member, can save you from overspending and prevent you from making bad financial decisions.

Indeed, choosing a casket or coffin is not an easy decision as you have to consider the price, the design, color, material, and whatnot. The price of a casket or coffin largely depends on the materials and design. You can be torn between choosing a simple one or a fancier casket which most people face. But the aim is to provide your dear one with a dignified funeral without going overboard.

Moreover, casket prices at funeral homes are pretty costly. So it's best to buy a casket online rather than choosing one from a funeral home. At Trusted Caskets, the prices of caskets are the lowest in the US. Also, on our website, you can find funeral caskets for sale at 50% to 85% less than a local funeral home, including our special and limited-time offers with free shipping. However, charges may apply to other states or products listed on special offers.

Choosing between a casket and a coffin

They're the same and are often used interchangeably, but the difference between a coffin and a casket is their design.

A coffin is a wooden box with six sides and is wider at the shoulders, tapered to fit the shape of a human body, and has a removable lid with a simple design.

A casket is rectangular with fine details and interior and features high-quality fabric.

As a result, a casket is more expensive than a coffin, and their designs and construction methods mark the price differences. Either way, choosing between a coffin and a casket is entirely up to the family member's decision.

Choosing between metal and wooden caskets

Wood caskets come in various colors and can be constructed with various materials on the interior and exterior. You can choose funeral caskets from various woods like walnut, redwood, oak, pine, maple, cherry, and many more. These wood caskets come with excellent craftmanship and with a wide range of options to choose from. You can also customize and personalize a casket; there are plenty of choices.

Metal caskets mostly come with a rubber gasket to block out elements, and you can either choose between a full couch or half couch. They can be bronze, copper, or steel with various colors, interior designs, and finishes. Steel caskets are expensive, but bronze and copper are even more expensive given the cost of the material.

The steel casket is primarily of two types, i.e., 18 gauge and 20 gauge metal. The difference is the thickness level of the steel. 18 gauge is 30% thicker, more durable and heavier than 20 gauge steel, which also means it comes with a higher price.

Whichever funeral casket you prefer, we ensure that you receive quality products at the best price and save more when you shop from Trusted caskets. You can search and go through our extensive collection to suit your taste. Our customer service team will walk you through the cost, materials, and shipping details to be sure the casket ordered online is delivered to your funeral home on time.

The FTC funeral rule

If you're worried about the funeral home refusing to accept a casket bought from a third party, you need not panic. There is a funeral rule from the federal trade commission that no funeral home has the right to refuse or charge you for purchasing a casket from an outside source.

This rule gives you the benefit and advantage to shop from any retailer you wish and can ship the casket to the funeral home.

Moreover, buying online can help you save and cut down costs. On average, you can save around $2000 and get free shipping by purchasing online.

The pros of purchasing casket online

Here are many pros of choosing online caskets:


  • Purchasing a casket online is much cheaper than a funeral home.

  • You have more options and can compare prices between various websites.

  • The casket arrived in time for the funeral.

  • You can save more.

  • The family members can sit together and search for a good deal.

  • You can take time to decide.

Tips while buying a casket online:

  • To save more, first, check caskets for sale at Trusted Caskets.

  • Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

  • You can ask customer service to help you choose based on your price range.

  • Have someone you trust help you shop for funeral coffins.

  • Wait till you're 100% certain about your decision.