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Caskets Online

The advantages of purchasing Caskets Online

High-quality coffins and the most affordable prices in the US are what you will find at our online casket store. Our dedication to offering fantastic service, with attention to every detail, is what makes us stand out. You can browse our online casket catalog 24/7, with wooden, metal, oversized, and cremation models being available at all times. People looking for stainless steel caskets for their loved ones will also have the possibility to choose. The models available in our store will satisfy clients with any budgets, no matter where they are in the United States. Preparing the last rites is much more comfortable than ever, as buying all the necessary items is effortless today.

Are the prices for caskets online higher or lower

The casket price shouldn’t be the main factor when selecting the model for loved ones. We offer the most affordable prices in the US, you can always find a good deal, with free shipping included in the price. You need to give us a call to make sure about the final price for the funeral casket you want.

What affects the final price of a casket?

Many aspects affect the price of a coffin, with shipping, material, interior fabric, and the time spent to create a casket as the most important to name. A funeral is a difficult time in one's life, and here at Trusted Caskets, we're trying our best to make it easy for people to order one from home. To give you an example, the price for a veneer wood model is considered to be affordable, and so is the price for the model made of 18 to 20-gauge steel. The highest price tags are carried by the stainless steel and solid wood models. With funeral expenses running high in the range between $7,500 and $20,000, we’re here to help you save up on the most prominent item of the event.

Buying a casket from the Funeral home versus Internet retailers

The price of a coffin at a funeral home ranges from $2,500 to $14,000. Don’t be surprised to find that the home actually bought the models on the internet and added a high markup afterward. It’s not the case at Trusted Caskets, where clients are offered the best price when purchasing one of our many available models. When you buy from us, you buy first-hand!

Why metal and wooden caskets make the best options still?

Even if the materials used for coffins are numerous, metal and wood remain the most available and popular options.

What's unique about metal models?

Bronze, copper, stainless steel, but also standard steel are the models that can last through time. Steel has looked and will always look elegant and everlasting. Most metal coffins come with a particular rubber gasket on the lid, keeping the outer elements from getting inside the coffin.

Are wooden funeral containers less popular?

Wood models are rather conventional models, with walnut, cherry, maple, oak, poplar, veneer, mahogany, and pine as the most available choices. The cost for wood coffins varies, covering budgets of all sizes. On average, the cost of the wooden models is lower, but also widely varies depending on many different factors, like the type of wood, inner lining, finish, and many more.

Why should you pick us?

Sadly, it’s only a matter of time until a loved member of our family passes away, and arrangements need to be made. Selecting the right coffin and paying a fair price for it is a fundamental step when planning the last faraway. Our sales representatives are available at all times to guide you through the selection process. We also offer a Quality Guarantee for all the models, whereby you benefit from a free exchange or refund for any defects or damages. Customers interested in next-day shipping and free shipping don't have to worry, as we offer them both. Don't hesitate to give us a call and select a coffin together with our team. We know that nothing related to the end of life rites comes easy, and our variety of coffins and low costs makes it easier.

Read about the FTC Funeral Rule

When planning the last rites, it's essential to know about expenses, what is free, and what is not, what rules you need to follow and such. The Funeral Rule is easy to check at the Federal Trade Commission website. One of the many regulations protects the customers, as funeral homes cannot refuse a coffin bought from third-party sellers.