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Caskets For Sale in Seattle

In Seattle, we offer a wide selection of funeral caskets and coffins for sale, as well as in all other surrounding cities and areas. We offer FREE ground shipping for all our caskets, as well as expedited and next day shipping options everywhere in Seattle. Our team is here to help you with all the funerals' needs. We understand how important it is to choose the right casket for burial or cremation for your loved one. Here at Trusted Caskets, we offer high-quality caskets and coffins for sale at affordable prices.

Wooden Caskets, Metal Caskets or Casket for Cremation - How to Choose the Right Casket

When it comes to the purchase of a casket or coffin, there are a lot of considerations to keep in mind. There are many finishing options to choose from, a metal casket, a wooden coffin, or one that is made from stainless steel. Additionally, the size of the casket should be thoroughly considered, as some people may need to narrow their search down to include only oversized models. Finally, there are additional features to consider, such as whether you'd prefer the casket to have a velvet interior or crepe. Of course, all of these factors can influence the overall cost of the casket. You want your loved one to have a beautiful casket, but you also need to be mindful of the casket price. Your loved one deserves a quality casket and if you read this article, you are in the right place. Because not everyone has the same wants and needs, there are a lot of funeral caskets to choose from. We've made the process simple. We begin by first determining the material you would like the casket to be. We offer a wide selection of wood caskets, which are quite common, as well as metal caskets, 18-gauge caskets, 20-gauge caskets, cremation caskets, and even oversized caskets. All of the materials we offer are durable and vary in aesthetics and cost to ensure the casket price doesn't stand in the way of your purchase. We know this is a difficult time and don't want to make it any harder. Our caskets catalog available 24/7 where you can find all the product descriptions with a casket size, and casket prices. Once budget and material are determined, there is another factor that needs to be considered. You will need to decide whether your loved one will be buried or cremated. The majority of wooden caskets and coffins are suited for traditional service and easily fit standard burial vaults. If cremation has been chosen, check our caskets for cremation. Cremation caskets designed to be cremated with the body so the cremated remains of both would be put in an urn, or you can choose a funeral casket for the viewing and then a different option for the cremation. We have containers for direct cremation as well. While wooden coffins considered as more traditional and classic, metal burial containers are very popular our days. Most of the metal coffins have a special gasket, that works as a seal that will help prevent outside elements from getting inside the casket while it’s in the ground. Usually, people do choose the gasketed caskets if it's necessary to move the deceased to somewhere else. The funeral director in a local funeral home can advise you if you need a gasket casket or if it's necessary to consider an oversized casket.

Costs of Funeral Caskets:

While we offer the most affordable casket prices in Seattle, Washington, this is not a reflection of quality. Our low prices are a result of our business model and our top relationships with the large casket manufacturers. In addition to the lowest prices for our products, when you buy a casket from Trusted Caskets, you also receive several other benefits not available through other sellers. For standard ground delivery, we offer free shipping. This is a several hundred dollars in savings for our customers in Idaho, and it is an exceptional option when you buy a casket in advance or when planning a funeral service a few days from the purchase date. We are partners with over 150 cargo carriers, including the some of the major airlines, and ground transportation companies, we can arrange for overnight or two-day expedited delivery to most locations with most of our coffins. Our team of sales representatives can work with you to ensure these expedited orders are processed, and we follow up with information on the shipment to provide additional customer support at this difficult time.

Casket Types:

In Seattle, Washington, Trusted Caskets company offers a wide selection of funeral products from where you can choose, including Metal 18 and 20 gauge Caskets, Stainless Steel Caskets, Wood Caskets, and Wood Veneer, special containers for Cremation as well as Oversized Caskets models and Caskets for kids. All our caskets perfectly fits the most standard-sized funeral vaults. We always have many more options for sale than in any funeral home or stores like Walmart and Costco, which typically carries the only 7 to 10 models. Our metal caskets and stainless steel caskets offer a durable, long-lasting option. These caskets come in a range of different colors and styles, and they offer different options in hardware and finishes to meet the needs of the family planning the event. Our metal coffins are available in both 18 gauge and 20 gauge metal, with a full rubber gasket to seal the coffin and a locking mechanism. Wooden coffins are the most traditional option. They can be solid wood or wood veneer, and they provide a rich, classic look for any funeral service. In our cremation caskets, we offer a selection of wooden caskets with full wooden hardware, which meets the requirements for both cremations as well as traditional burial services. All of our products fit standard burial vaults. We understand these are a lot of choices. To get assistance in the selection of the ideal casket for the funeral, contact our compassionate team at Trusted Caskets. We can assist you in narrowing down the choices, and work with you to ensure the casket arrives on time at the funeral home for the burial or cremation service.

Know your rights, the FTC Funeral Rule:

The last thing you need to worry about if the funeral home accepts the casket from us or not and the short answer is don't worry about it. There is a Funeral Rule, you can find it on the website of the Federal Trade Commission, by which the funeral home has no right to refuse coffins from a third-party seller. Under this Federal Law, Funeral homes and your funeral director have no choice but to accept caskets from any supplier. It isn't necessary to buy a casket, urn or any other product from a local funeral home if you can buy the same casket from us and save $2000-5000. Additionally, funeral homes are not allowed to charge any handling fee for the use of caskets from a third-party seller. You can be sure, the Funeral Homes must accept our caskets. You can visit the Federal Trade Commission, the official website to get more information here: The FTC Funeral Rule.


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