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Mahogany caskets for sale

Mahogany Caskets and Redwood Caskets

We can avoid many things in life, but not death. We at Trusted Caskets know that losing someone you love is one of the most challenging moments in life. Not only do you struggle with the pain and loss, but you also must face decisions you have never dealt with before.

Professionals talk about the healing powers of funeral rituals and preparations. But that doesn't count much when choosing a casket or a coffin. We have our deepest sympathy and understanding for you, and we're ready to help every step of the way. Colors, materials, and prices are considered when selecting the casket. If you think about buying a mahogany casket, the information below can ease the selection process.

Why do mahogany caskets set apart from other models?

If you check out models of caskets, you can see that metal, steel, wood, and veneer wood are the most common materials used.

Mahogany is a popular hardwood and sends a clear message of strength. For many centuries, mahogany was used for furniture—it's rare and precious. Mahogany caskets are for influential people above everything else.

The legend is that mahogany is so strong that it can even withstand lighting strikes. Families who choose mahogany caskets or mahogany coffins for their loved ones care deeply for the well-being of the deceased. Solid Mahogany wood caskets will provide the safest and most secure resting place for centuries to come.

What are mahogany caskets made from?

A mahogany casket is made from the wood of the mahogany trees. They grow primarily in South America, Central America, and Africa. Should you look for exquisite furniture, the chances are it's made of mahogany wood. Back in the day, mahogany was so widespread that dining room furniture was known as "the mahogany."

The wide board widths, dark color, and beautiful texture and grain are all qualities that set mahogany apart from other types of hardwood.

People appreciate mahogany caskets because they're beautiful, long-lasting, and high-quality. At the same time, mahogany is less widely available than other kinds of woods. Therefore, the mahogany casket price is higher than oak, pine, poplar, and different common varieties of wood.

How much do mahogany caskets cost?

At Trusted Caskets, we have mahogany veneer wood caskets for prices starting at about $1,000, and we have solid mahogany caskets for prices starting around $2,000. Of course, the quality of the wood and the accessory pieces affect the purchase price.

Call us and let one of our representatives help you choose one of our mahogany casket models. We can help you find the one you like and within your set budget.

What types of mahogany caskets can you choose from?

Choosing a casket is challenging, especially when you do not know much about caskets. At Trusted Caskets, we pay attention to every detail to make the wisest decision.

Here are some of the more common mahogany caskets.

Veneer Mahogany Caskets

If you fancy the mahogany look but your budget is limited, as an option, we have an available veneer mahogany casket. The veneer is a thin piece of wood connected to the top of a more affordable type of wood, or pressed wood. 

Half-couch mahogany casket

Many people choose to have an open-casket viewing during the visitation or wake, in which case a half-couch casket is a popular option.

Solid mahogany casket

Mahogany funeral caskets are usually not painted to any colors since this wood has reached deep color. Some casket models can be covered with a thick layer of lacer, and as a result, solid mahogany caskets almost look black and make for the top of the line in elegance.

Which flowers to choose for a mahogany casket?

Which flowers to choose for a mahogany casket?
Since mahogany is such powerful and elegant material, we recommend picking flower arrangements with vibrant colors. Deep reds, vibrant yellows, greens, and orange are widely used with mahogany caskets. You can balance the firm feel of mahogany with white or ivory flowers—it's a suitable option for someone who died young.

What other aspects to consider when deciding?

Along with material (mahogany or mahogany veneer), you also need to consider the interior, hardware, and price. At Trusted Caskets, we have mahogany caskets with a beautiful ivory velvet interior and solid wood handles. In addition, our models come with subtle metal accents and a secure locking mechanism.

We also have mahogany caskets with bronze zinc hardware and wooden swing bars for sale. If elegant and classy is what you look for in a coffin, you should check out mahogany caskets.

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