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White Caskets for Sale

White Caskets and White Coffins

White caskets and coffins are some of the most sought-after choices for families planning funeral arrangements to honor their loved ones. Having said that, we at Trusted Caskets want to make the selection process as stress-free as possible and provide you our expert guidance. Should you consider buying a white casket for your loved one, you will find the following information to be helpful.

Why do people select white caskets?

Trusted Caskets offer a generous selection of white caskets and coffins for sale. When you buy white coffins from us, you can be confident that your product is shipped quickly to the destination of your choice. Call us to find out further information about our products and shipping from one of our representatives. 

Religion plays a vital role when choosing white caskets and explains why these caskets are very popular. In the Roman Catholic church, white caskets would often be used for children. It’s a given that all children go to heaven. Even the priests' clothes are white and not violet as used for adults in a Roman Catholic funeral. Back in the day, the traditional mourning colors for adults were black and violet. To this day, most caskets for children are white.

Most of us associate heaven with the color white; no matter their skin color, angels have white wings. Regardless of religion, most of us see white as a symbol of innocence, purity, and harmony.

Will a white casket be the right choice for your lost one?

Not all coffins and caskets are the same. So even if the high-gloss white finish looks elegant and beautiful on all models, plenty of other elements count for the final choice.

White caskets can have distinct types of interiors and hardware, as different people like different things. White casket prices range a lot as well and cover many budget sizes. One of our team members is always ready to guide you when choosing the white casket that accommodates your preferences, requests, and budget.

What aspects to consider when choosing a white casket or coffin?

The variety of caskets is impressive and can overwhelm a customer-facing this sort of shopping for the first time in their life. Material, interior, or hardware are essential aspects to check out when placing the order.

Material of white caskets

Metal is the most common material used on white caskets and coffins. However, there are slight differences between kinds of metal as well, which affect the purchase price.


Usually, white caskets are made from 18 gauge or 20 gauge steel, which are durable and reliable options. White caskets of this kind are high quality and make an incredible impression.


Most white caskets and white coffins come with a white crepe or velvet interior. Crepe is both nice looking and affordable and completes the looks of a white casket. However, it’s worthwhile to consider adding subtle accents for an elegant contrast. White and gold caskets stand out with elegance.


White funeral caskets also differ by the hardware. The style of hardware you choose depends a lot on the style of your choice. When it comes to white caskets and white coffins, silver and gold-tone make for the most popular choices. Copper hardware also makes a nice contrast with white, and it gives a bohemian touch to any white casket.


All the elements of the casket affect the purchase price, and we try to cover as many budget sizes as possible. Call us and let one of our team members navigate you through our white caskets. We have white caskets for sale that accommodate many budgets, preferences, and requests.

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White caskets are the most appropriate choice when you want to emphasize the innocence and purity of your lost one, they are very stylish as well. We are here to help you select a model. Please call us to obtain further information!

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