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Pink Caskets

Pink Caskets and Pink Coffins

The death of someone dear to you is one of the most challenging moments in life and one that we’re never prepared for. At Trusted Caskets, we know that one of the most challenging aspects of the funeral is having to pick a casket for your loved one. We have our most profound empathy and compassion for you and your loss, and we want to help you with our expert guidance throughout the selection process.

We know that choosing a casket is challenging for so many reasons. There are so many models to choose from, and you can get intimidated by the many options. As you are highly emotional and lack the criteria when selecting a casket, we’re ready to support you every step of the way. Color is an excellent criterion to start your search. If you think about choosing a pink casket, the information down below will come in handy.

Why do people like pink caskets?

For starters, pink is one of the most delicate colors. Pink relates to romance, charm, cuteness, playfulness, sweetness, femininity, and tenderness. Flowers, babies, bubble gum, cotton candy, and little girls are all about pink.

When we want to express our most innocent and purest love for someone, pink is probably the most appropriate choice. Pink is about affection, friendship, harmony, and inner peace. Unlike red which represents heat and passion, pink is all about romance and charm. A light pink says a lot about one’s gentleness, while a hot pink will send a message of playfulness and high energy. Pink glitter caskets are an inspired choice for people whose loved ones sparkled and who kept their innocence.

No matter the shades, pink caskets, and pink coffins speak of pure love for someone gentle, kind, cute, and warm. At Trusted Caskets, we provide you with pink funeral caskets in different tones. You may find pink caskets for sale with velvet pink interiors and silver rose hardware. These materials add a subtle and elegant feel to our pink caskets. We also have pink coffins for sale with golden hardware for a more exquisite and high-end sense.

Pink and white caskets with subtle accents are a suitable choice for little girls, along with all-white caskets. These caskets make for a suited option for women who died young, especially if gold or silver rose accents are added.

When it comes to flower arrangements, you can highlight them with flowers in bright colors: fiery reds, vibrant blues, and intense greens. However, if you want to enhance the delicacy and gentleness, you should use white, ivory, yellow, light blues, and shades of purple and lilac for the flower arrangements.

Lilac caskets

Lilac is another lovely color for caskets, and it’s incredibly graceful and feminine. The connection with the flowers makes lilac caskets speak about pure and romantic love. Like other pastel shades, pink is about innocence, nostalgia, and youth.

Shades of purple are also connected with creativity, and softer shades are soothing and just as elegant as pink. At Trusted Caskets, we have lilac and purple caskets with pink velvet for the interior and golden rose for the hardware and accents.

Since lilac is a versatile color, we recommend contrasting it with flower arrangements with yellow, olive, orange, gray, and green. If you don't like the contrast, similar purple, and soft pink shades will look just as beautiful.

Purple caskets

Beyond a doubt, purple doesn't make a typical color for caskets. Purple combines red’s stimulation and blue’s calming abilities, and most people associate it with majesty, royalty, and nobility. Darker shades of purple speak of luxury and opulence, while lighter shades send a message of femininity, nostalgia, and romance.

At Trusted Caskets, we have lovely purple and lilac caskets with silver rose hardware and pink velvet for the interior. Purple caskets look best with golden hardware.

Flowers in shades of blues, oranges, greens, and yellow contrast beautifully with the royal and exquisite purple.

Is color the only criterion to choose a casket?

The short answer is “definitely not!” However, one of our team members is always ready to answer all your questions about funeral caskets at Trusted Caskets.

Material, interior, hardware, and price are critical aspects to consider. Our pink caskets are made with steel (18” and 20” gauge) and come with a lovely velvet interior for the most luxurious and elegant feel. Golden and silver rose hardware and accents are typical for pink caskets. As for prices, we do our best to find you a model that is within your set budget—we want you to be satisfied with your final choice.

Call us if you need more details.

At Trusted Caskets, one of our representatives is always prepared to take your call and provide you with any information about our caskets and prices. So, please don’t hesitate to call us at 800-950-4042.

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