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Blue Caskets for Sale

Blue Caskets and Blue Coffins

Shopping for a casket for your loved one can be incredibly difficult. Not only are you emotional, but you are also making new decisions. In addition, funeral caskets come in an impressive variety of models that may intimidate the client with no criterion for selection. At Trusted Caskets, we are ready to help you choose a casket. Even if many things count when choosing a model, color is always a good starting point.

At Trusted Caskets, we have beautiful and elegant blue caskets to choose from. Let us help you with some details.

Blue caskets are unique, but why?

When we think of blue, we think of the clear blue sky and the soothing blue ocean. However, there are many kinds of blues to choose from, and they are all beautiful for caskets. So, call us and let one of our representatives guide you when looking for a blue casket.

For starters, we begin with few details about the tones of blues used for caskets.

Navy blue caskets

Navy blue is a sophisticated color option for caskets. Navy blue caskets look nice with silver hardware and a white interior. We have elegant and visually appealing navy-blue caskets with a light blue interior. 

Almost all color flowers work with navy blue caskets and blue coffins. However, we recommend you use coral, yellow, and orange flowers in the arrangement.

Royal blue caskets

As the name says, royal blue has regal connections, and the color is historically connected to the British throne. So, when we think of formal wear, royal blue comes to mind most of the time.

Royal blue is associated with reliability and trustworthiness. A royal blue casket is a fantastic option for someone who was respected and appreciated by many people. Royal blue coffins and blue caskets are choices for people with high social status, doctors, lawyers, or college professors.

This shade of blue relates to peacefulness and feelings of tranquility. Silver hardware and light-blue interior are standard for royal blue caskets. 

As for flowers and other details, we recommend green, hot pink, off-white, or ivory and yellow flowers. Grey and gold accents also make a lovely contrast with the vibrant royal blue.

Light blue caskets

Light blue is a soft color, commonly used for the casket design, and this is a very popular choice.  Along with white, light blue caskets are widely used for different kinds of funeral services.

Light blue is a trendy color and looks genuinely nice with many colors. Many royal or navy-blue caskets come with a light blue interior. When it comes to flower arrangements, lilac and lavender flowers make the most beautiful contrast. Dusty rose, soft pink, peach, and white flowers are great options as well.

As for hardware, silver is the most common choice for light blue caskets.

Monarch blue caskets

If you ever saw a blue monarch butterfly, you can perfectly understand why its color is simply mesmerizing. Both vibrant and soothing, monarch blue always makes an impression.

Monarch blue funeral caskets are highly elegant, exquisite and visually appealing. These caskets reflect personality features such as strength, composure and energy. Our monarch blue caskets have a light-blue interior that balances the vibrant exterior. For an elegant feel, our monarch blue caskets have subtle silver hardware.

Subtle greens, pinks, dusty pink, purple, and lilac flowers look lovely on a monarch blue casket.

Different shades of grey are standard for hardware and accents on these caskets.

What aspects give value to blue caskets?

At Trusted Caskets, we know that choosing a casket can be difficult, and we want to give you all the information you need to make an appropriate choice.

Aspects like material, interior, and hardware are also factors you should consider when choosing a blue casket.


Metal is widely used for caskets because it's affordable and long-lasting. At Trusted Caskets, we have stainless steel caskets, 18 and 20- gauge metal caskets that come in beautiful shades of blues.

Wood caskets colored in blue are less common because people choose wood for its natural looks and colors.


Many blue caskets have a soft white satin or crepe interior, but a light blue interior is also typical.


Light and dark tones of silver look very elegant with blue caskets and blue coffins. Golden hardware complete navy and monarch blue and add a luxurious feel as well.


At Trusted Caskets, we do our best to cover budgets of all sizes because we want you to be satisfied with your final choice. Therefore, we want to help you find a blue casket that is within your budget.

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