Most Popular Types of Caskets
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Most Popular Types of Caskets

Buying a casket has always been something meaningful to people. Choosing the right casket is always was important, this is the way the family of the deceased show their respect and give their last honors to their late loved one.

Our days, people don’t often think about death, let alone plan their funeral ahead of time, which wasn’t rare back in the day. Unfortunately, people keep dying since there’s no magic pill to prevent death and sooner or later the time comes for all of us to make this decision.

This article will help you understand what kinds of caskets are available on the market and give you a general idea of what to look for when choosing one.

Nowadays, in American culture, the 2 most popular kinds of saying farewell to the deceased are funerals with a burial of the body in a casket or cremation.

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In the case of burials, whether chosen by the family or by the deceased, there are two types of coffins being used, albeit in many colors: Metal Caskets or Wood Caskets. They have different properties and are very different in the way they look. Everyone chooses the one that they like more. Plus, both kinds have subcategories that also have their own differences in characteristics, looks and prices. 

Metal Caskets can be made from different kinds of metal including steel, copper or bronze. Plus they also have different wall thicknesses. The most common Metal Caskets are made from 18 or 20 gauge metal. What’s the difference between 18 gauge casket and 20 gauge casket, you ask? It’s simple, the smaller number means the thicker the metal.  The thicker the metal that it is casket made out of, the durable lasting the casket will be, but also the higher the price. Some caskets have a special, gasket seal built-in, which is useful when the body needs to be transported long distances. This seal will ensure the better preservation of the deceased. Metal caskets can be made in different styles and different colors, so the choice is really about what you like and what best fits your budget.

Wood caskets can also be divided into two subcategories: ones made from Solid Wood Caskets and another made from Wood Veneer. Both look very alike and usually have natural wood coloring. They can be made out of Oak, Spruce, Redwood, Maple or Cherry wood. But let’s not forget that the manufacturing of the product from Solid Wood is usually much more expensive hence the price of a casket made out of Solid Wood is much higher than one made out of Wood Veneer. Here, as in the case of Metal Caskets, everyone picks what they like the most and is in alignment with their budget.

When the family of the deceased, or the deceased themselves wish to be cremated, there is a special kind of casket.

Cremation Caskets are made out of wood or Wood Veneer and some of them are can be used for burial purposes as well, however, they have one significant difference. Since this kind of parting with the loved one involves burning the body, all that remains is ashes. Because of that, this kind of casket is usually made without the addition of metal elements. Cremation Caskets are also made out of different kinds of wood and usually have natural colors of oak, pine, redwood, maple or cherry.

Of course, there are many different nationalities in the world and most have different traditions and unique ways of parting with their beloved. Some cultures use only certain kinds of wood caskets because of religious traditions. Others choose caskets based on what they like, based on how it looks or their budget.


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Casket prices may vary drastically, but either way, this always quite expensive purchase that is best planned ahead.  

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