Financing for Caskets and Coffins

     The funeral is emotionally hard for all relatives and close friends of a deceased person. Unfortunately, this tragic event is very pricey and often comes at the most unexpected time. Not everyone is financially prepared for this. We offer the most affordable casket prices in the U.S., and now we proud to offer even more - As always, here at Trusted Caskets, we try to help our customers and offer a finance program, together with PayPal Credit.

     Now, you can buy any casket or coffin you like, even if this is an unexpected purchase. With this financial program, you can ease your financial burden in this difficult time. Using the PayPal Credit you can not pay the full casket price at once, but divide it into several smaller payments, which can often be easier. This program offers free installment payments for our customers for up to 6 months. Usually, the process takes just several minutes, and it’s simple enough. All you need is a PayPal account and a minimum of personal information.

Here are benefits that you get when applying to a financial program:

 - NO interest for up to 6 months;

 - Instant approval;

 - Minimum required information;

 - High Approval Rate


** Note: To get all the details about available financing option, click on PayPal Credit link on this page or in a cart section.

Please, let us know if you have any questions

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