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Michelangelo Oak - veneer Wood Casket with Ivory Velvet Interior

Michelangelo Oak - veneer Wood Casket with Ivory Velvet Interior

$4,500.00 $1,400.00


Michelangelo Oak Casket is beautifully handcrafted, from Oak  Veneer Wood construction which is a timeless classic that is sturdy and dependable. The casket has a Matt Walnut finish. Featuring a matte walnut finish and a fully-lined, ivory-colored velvet interior with pleated detailing, this casket is outfitted with the highest quality materials. A matching pillow and overlay are included. Fitted with solid swing bar handles and secured with premium aluminum. A detailed scene from The Last Supper is depicted on the outer wood panel representing the belief of the deceased. This full-size casket will fit into a standard cemetery vault. 

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  • Matte walnut finish
  • Oak veneer wood
  • Ivory velvet interior with French fold design
  • Locking mechanism
  • Half couch
  • Adjustable Bed
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    Casket Dimensions:

    • Exterior: 81L x 26W x 23.5H
    • Interior: 79” x 24”
    • Weight: 210 pounds