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Cremation Caskets

Cremation Caskets for sale

  The cremation caskets are different from the traditional burial caskets, they are typically made with no metal parts or use very small metal parts to fit the requirements of the crematorium. Here at Trusted Caskets, we offer a selection of Cremation Caskets for sale in different designs and styles. We have special caskets for cremation with whole-wood construction.

The funerals:

  Funeral planning is never easy, at this tragic, emotional time often very difficult to make the right decisions. You need to choose the funeral home, funeral service, and the casket or coffin. Sometimes it's even more difficult when you need to make the right decision on behalf of your loved one, you need to consider the personal preferences and wishes of the deceased person. Two main choices between a cremation and burial funeral service, traditional casket or an alternative container for cremation, a rental casket, or a personal one. What do you do when you need a high-quality coffin and you also want it to be inexpensive? This particular topic requires a very careful approach and you simply can’t afford any room for mistakes. Do you have no idea how to choose a cremation casket? We can help you with that and make sure that you will make the right choice. If you need a consultation, contact us at any time, and we will do our best to answer your questions.

Types of funeral caskets:

There are several types of caskets: regular wooden caskets, which can be made of solid wood or veneer, metal burial caskets, which are usually made of 18 or 20 gauge metal caskets, and caskets for cremation which are specially designed for this purpose. The main difference between cremation caskets and regular burial caskets is they are typically made of wood, (mahogany, pinewood, teak wood, etc..)without any metal parts, or with very small metal parts, that is allowed during the cremation process. Not all cremation caskets include a pillow and throw to make the cremation process more efficient. Some people often use a different name for this specific type of casket, often in a crematorium, it could be named as a cremation container, but it has the same meaning. If you consider a cremation service, you also need to take a look at special cremation urns, they are commonly used to keep the ashes of a deceased person after the ceremony. Some people also like to keep special keepsakes as a memory of a passed loved one.

Why Trusted Caskets

     There are many options from where you can select from, we always have a large selection of cremation caskets, at affordable prices, where you can choose from. You also can take advantage of free ground shipping anywhere within the United States. If you haven't preplanned a funeral in advance, then we can get the casket to your funeral home next business day (Next-Day Air). Our online catalog with all the descriptions and casket prices is available 24/7. With us, you can save thousands of dollars on the same cremation products.      All the cremation caskets for sale at our store are made of wood and are presented either in gloss or matt finish. All you need to do is to choose the model that you like, and we will take care of the rest. Our website is made in a way that helps you find the most crucial information about the products, like dimensions, weight, colors, and finishes. It takes just a few minutes to find the right product and make a purchase, one of our representatives will contact you soon to confirm all the information and to arrange the delivery. If you choose to purchase cremation caskets online, then you will benefit from the following advantages:
- The process of purchase is quick and you can use the most suitable payment option.
- The casket will be delivered promptly and you don't need to worry about the shipping process.
- You can see all the offers on the website and save a lot of money with your purchase.

Know your rights, the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule:

Under this Federal Law, Funeral Homes have no choice but to accept caskets from any third-party supplier. It isn't necessary to buy a coffin, urn, or any other product from a local funeral home if you can buy the same product from us and save on average $2500-5000. You can be sure, the Funeral Homes must accept our caskets.     You can visit the Federal Trade Commission, the official website to get more information here: The FTC Funeral Rule


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