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Metal Caskets


All You Need to Know about Casket and Coffins

When you are facing the need to buy a funeral casket, it can be very difficult to make decisions. Many people have no idea where to start. With Trusted Caskets company by your side, you can make the best decisions for you and your family members. When you are facing hard decisions and a life-changing situation, call us for the support, you need. We here for you.

Metal Caskets for Sale

When you turn to Trusted Caskets for your needs, you are going to get exceptional service as you desire. We pay close attention to every small detail and always provide high-quality funeral products for our clients. While our funeral caskets and coffins are some of the finest quality you can find, they also low priced. This ensures you always get a product you can trust. We offer both Metal Caskets and Wood Caskets in a wide range of styles. We offer funeral caskets to meet each one of your taste, doesn't matter, if you looking for a high-end premium steel casket or cheap casket, we have it at the best price. When you need an affordable casket, you do not have to sacrifice quality; you always can expect outstanding service from our team. We offer excellent customer service, provide free standard ground shipping, and ensure on-time delivery.

We offer two most popular types of metal caskets you can find in the market, 18 and 20 gauge metal. Stainless Steel Caskets are also popular, but usually, they are more expensive, because to produce them needs to be used more expensive technology and materials. The only difference between 18 and 20 gauge metal caskets is the thickness of the wall. 18 Gauge is about 30% thicker metal than the 20 gauge caskets, less the number- thicker the wall and heavier the casket. Rarely, you can find copper caskets, bronze caskets, or carbon steel products. All metal and stainless steel caskets are durable and most of our metal caskets have a special gasket feature to prevent the body from decomposition.

Why Trusted Caskets?

Here at Trusted Caskets, we strive to provide you high-quality caskets at the lowest price available on the market and service with great attention to every detail. Our online catalog available 24/7, here you can find various models of Cremation Caskets, Oversized Caskets for overweight people, 18 and 20 Ga Metal Caskets, as well as premium Stainless Steel Caskets. With us, you can buy caskets online, which means we can help you to get the product you like, everywhere in the US, no matter where you are located. Our team works hard to provide our customers with low prices, we work directly with manufacturers, without middle man here, this way we can save you a decent amount of money.

We offer a Quality Guaranty for all our products, wooden and metal caskets, which means free exchange or refund in case of damage or product defect. We are partners with more than 150 ground and air freight shipping companies, you can count on us and be sure, we always provide you with a timely manner delivery. At Trusted Caskets, we offer only the very best quality of products for you. You can browse our entire selection online and compare a variety of models to fit any need and budget.

How to Choice the Right Casket

It is important to compare different types of funeral caskets to find the best product for your loved one. We offer a large range of different options, different price range, and wide assortments of colors and finishes. While some people may feel that buying a metal casket shows more respect to a loved one, if your loved one enjoyed nature, a wooden coffin could be a better choice. Finding the right balance here is important. If you want a more natural look and at the same time, you need a cheap casket, then our cremation caskets and wood veneer caskets a very good choice. Our 18 and 20 Ga Metal Caskets are some of the most popular products. If you want to show you respect to a deceased person and can afford stainless steel product- you won't regret, about it. If you looking for a casket for someone who little bigger than the average people, than possibly you need an Oversized Casket, and we ready to offer them in several different styles.

Casket Prices, How much is a Casket?

While many people ask us this question, we always want to ensure that our customers are not just buying a cheap coffin. You need to buy a high-quality coffin at an affordable price. We work directly with caskets manufacturers and as a result, we are able to offer you lowest prices on any of the caskets and coffins. Generally speaking, wood casket and 20 Ga metal caskets are more affordable, but this also depends on the type of wood, finish and the detailing of the specific product.



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