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Orange County Caskets Company

We are proudly serving: Orange, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Laguna Beach, Fullerton, Tustin, Garden Grove, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Lake Forest, Yorba Linda, Buena Park, Dana Point, Brea, Westminster, Laguna Niguel and more.

Caskets for Sale in Orange County

As an Orange County casket company, Trusted Caskets provides various funeral caskets and coffins for sale in Orange County and the surrounding areas.

We always use the fastest delivery options available to deliver the caskets to the funeral home. Our representatives are ready to provide you with all information and help with placing the order. We know how important it is for our clients to select the right burial or cremation casket for the one they've lost. The Trusted Caskets team offers many beautiful and high-quality coffins and caskets for sale at wholesale prices.

Next-Day Casket Shipping to Orange County

We offer our customers various shipping choices, and we also provide free ground shipping to most major US cities. Contact us and let one of our representatives help you decide which shipping solution is the best for your area.

We are partners with more than 150 cargo carriers to offer next-day or second-day caskets shipping to funeral homes in Orange County and nearby areas. Call our representatives for further details.

Affordable Casket Prices

Our average coffin prices are 50 to 80% less than what you would pay at funeral homes in the Orange County area. We sell our caskets to retail customers, you always can place your order online for next or second-day casket delivery, 24/7. We also supply our products to local funeral homes and morgues that offer local funeral services in California and the Orange County area. By buying a casket from us, you always get the best price compared to the funeral home prices because you purchase it firsthand.

Trusted Caskets professionals pay great attention to every detail and client's requests. Various models of steel caskets, metal caskets, wood caskets, solid wood, and wood veneer models are always available in our collection. We offer only high-quality funeral caskets at affordable prices.

Extensive collection of Funeral Caskets and Coffins

You can find the most popular casket models in our Orange County caskets collection. We offer different casket styles to fill all customer's needs. Our professionals will guide you throughout the casket selection process, with the casket type being the first step to take.

Metal coffins and caskets - usually made of 18 or 20 gauge steel are affordable and popular choices. Many metal coffins come with a rubber gasket sealer, that stopping the outside elements from getting inside the casket, and protects the body inside the casket.

Stainless steel caskets will last longer than regular metal models, which explains the higher price. If you're interested in the more traditional and classic models, you may take a look at the wood caskets and coffins; we have hardwood and wood veneer caskets too. All the casket styles we offer are durable and present different looks; our caskets catalog is available 24/7 on our website, and you will find all the product descriptions, details on prices, shipping options, and size here.

One of the most important steps is to decide if the loved one will be cremated or buried. For people who consider cremation, we offer cremation caskets – the cremation caskets usually don’t contain metal or contain only small metal parts and are made to be cremated with the body.

Our collection also includes oversized caskets for extra-large persons. Our team will offer you various funeral products at reasonable prices and fast delivery options.

Why Trusted Caskets

Selecting the right coffin is one of the most critical elements of the funeral service. Our professionals at Trusted Caskets are dedicated and will help you give your loved one respectful funeral service. When you purchase a casket in Orange County, it's wise to work with a reliable provider that strives to meet all your needs. We provide quality-guarantee for all our products; if any of our products arrived defective or damaged, we will replace them without extra charges. Our casket company is accredited by BBB (Better Business Bureau, the international association); the BBB accreditation ensures you that our company follows strict business principles. We make sure that your online purchasing is as safe as possible.

Know your rights, The Funeral Rule

Some people worry that if they purchase the casket or coffin from another supplier but the mortuary or the funeral home, the funeral home/mortuary will not accept the casket/coffin. However, the clients are protected by the Funeral Rule that doesn’t allow the mortuary/funeral home to refuse caskets/coffins purchased from a third parties casket suppliers. Due to the Federal Law (it's listed on the Federal Trade Commission's website, Funeral homes and the funeral director must accept the casket, coffin, headstone, urn, or any other funeral merchandise bought from any third-party supplier.

You are not obliged to purchase the urn, casket, or other funeral product from a local funeral home or mortuary. More importantly, you may save anything from $2500 to $5000 when you buy a casket from Trusted Caskets. The funeral homes cannot charge you any fees for handling a casket/coffin you purchased from another third-party seller or us.


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