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Oakland Caskets Company

Caskets for Sale in Oakland CA

Trusted Caskets is an Oakland casket company that provides many types of caskets and coffins for sale in Oakland and its surrounding areas.

It's tough to lose someone you love, and we at Trusted Caskets know that you will do everything within your power to give them the funeral service they deserve. We are one of the most trustworthy local casket companies in the US, and we are here to support you when selecting a casket or coffin for your loved one. We provide you valuable caskets for sale at wholesale prices, and we can help you pick a casket model.

Fast and Reliable Casket Shipping to Oakland

Many things need to be considered for a funeral service to go as planned. It's not enough to select the casket; it's also crucial to have the casket or coffin delivered on time. We can provide free ground shipping to California and to most U.S. cities. Call us and let one of our representatives provide you with details about shipping to your location.

Since we work with more than 150 cargo carriers, we can provide next-day or second-day shipping to your funeral home in Oakland and nearby areas. We try our best to have your casket or coffin delivered on time. Contact us for further delivery information.

Discounted Casket Prices

If you’re interested in cheap caskets in Oakland, you might want to look at our collection. Most of our caskets come with prices 50 to 80% lower than prices in funeral homes in Oakland. We provide our caskets to retail clients, funeral homes, and mortuaries, offering funeral services in Oakland and everywhere in the Bay Area, California. Since you buy the casket directly from us, you will pay less than you would when buying it from a funeral home.

Our caskets professionals understand the difficulty of planning a funeral service for your loved one; we are caring and supportive, helping you every step of selecting a casket or coffin. We strive to cover as many demands as possible. Our collection comprises metal and stainless-steel caskets, solid wood, and wood veneer models. All models are valuable and very affordable.

A Complete Collection of Funeral Caskets and Coffins

We make sure that our clients have many models to choose from, so our Oakland caskets collection includes popular models. Our experience has taught us many things, and we learned that different people have different preferences when it comes to caskets and coffins. Since choosing a casket isn't something people deal with regularly, here at Trusted Caskets we can help you when picking a model. One of our representatives will guide you when navigating the many models, or suggest the best options for your budget and preferences. Selecting the type of casket is the first step of this process. If you prefer the classic style, we recommend you get a wood casket or coffin. We provide wood and wood veneer models.

Throughout the years, we discovered that metal caskets and coffins (we provide 18 and 20-gauge metal) are the most popular type; it’s because they’re beautiful and affordable at the same time. If you want a model more durable than metal, a stainless-steel casket is a good choice.

We do our best to cover as many needs as possible, so we also supply oversized caskets for our customers.

We know that funeral preparations are tough because you also need to solve problems and make decisions you’ve never faced before. You might find yourself having to decide if you should use a casket or a cremation casket. The cremation caskets are made for being cremated with the body. 

No matter which type and model you choose, your product will be prime quality and affordable. Our catalog is available 24/7 online, and you can find details about size, models, materials, and prices for our caskets and coffins.

Why Trusted Caskets?

It’s never easy to deal with your loved one’s death and having to make choices you’ve never made before makes everything almost impossible to bear. It can all go less painful if you have caring and experienced professionals by your side.

Our team at Trusted Casket is understanding and caring, and ready to support you every step of selecting a casket for your loved one. We can provide a quality guarantee for our products and will exchange for free any product that is delivered defective or damaged.

Our casket company has accreditation from the BBB (Better Business Bureau, the international association) business profile. The BBB accreditation is proof that we conduct our activity on strict business principles. You can be sure that we make a reliable choice for buying a funeral casket in Oakland. Your online purchasing is always safe with us.

Know Client’s Rights, The Funeral Rule

We know that you might worry that the funeral home or mortuary might reject the casket or coffin you bought from a third-party supplier, like us. You should be aware that a Funeral Rule protects you from it. According to the Funeral Rule, the funeral home and mortuary must accept a casket or coffin you bought elsewhere. Find out more about the Federal Law on the Federal Trade Commission's website: you will find that the funeral director and mortuary must accept any urn, casket, coffin, or headstone you bought from a third-party supplier.

Moreover, the mortuary or funeral home cannot force you to buy the casket, urn, or any other funeral product from them. When you buy the coffin or casket from Trusted Caskets, you will save up to $5,000 and use those savings for other expenses. Finally, the funeral home cannot charge you for managing the casket or coffin you bought elsewhere, such as Trusted Caskets.


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