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When it comes to funeral homes, many people don't have a lot of experience choosing which one might be the best suited to their current situation. And understandably so. Although most people's experiences with burial services and funerals do not gravitate towards pleasantries, family and friends' funeral services must be as smooth and compassionate as possible while showing respect and honoring the death of loved ones.

In this article, we will talk about some of the city's best Los Angeles funeral homes known for full funeral and cremation services. We will discuss some factors you need to consider before choosing a funeral service provider in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Funeral Homes:

Funeral homes and mortuaries usually handle funeral services. The services that these places provide can vary from one to the other. Most establishments arrange the funeral service, get you a casket or a coffin, an urn for cremation, and even transfer the coffin from the home to the burial ground. Below we have listed a few of the best funeral homes in Los Angeles, California that is worth checking out.

Rose Hills Memorial Park and Mortuary

white casket

Just as your loved one was an essential part of your life, so should the commitment towards holding funeral services that celebrate their life and also hold up their final wishes. Such is the experience that Rose Hills aims to give all its clients.

Planning a funeral is stressful, but it only becomes more meaningful if you build the service around how your deceased loved one might have wanted it. It's the personal touches that make all the difference. And it is precisely what this Los Angeles mortuary is offering.


The breathtaking views and the top-tier facilities make Rose Hills Mortuary one of the best in the city. It's not just a funeral home but also a memorial park renowned worldwide.

Their staff is well equipped to tackle funeral services of any size and type, accommodating various religious and nonreligious beliefs, traditions, and rites as desired by the families. The best feature of this Los Angeles funeral home is that they offer resources for grief management for the families.

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Not only this, but they also have a 24/7 toll-free helpline for anyone who wants to talk to professional grief counselors fluent in multiple languages. Apart from this, Rose Hill also provides high-quality cremation services.

Forest Lawn Los Angeles Mortuary

Forest Lawn Mortuary

Forest Lawn has been around for over a hundred years in the city, providing what is considered to be one of the best Los Angeles funeral service in the region. Not just at the heart of the city, but their services expand beyond Los Angeles, orange county, and Riverside counties.

They offer a wide range of services, from cremation, properties related to cemeteries, professional care, funeral flowers, and the convenience of a Los Angeles mortuary, all in one location. At Forest Lawn, you can depend on the staff to cater to your needs regardless of your faith and beliefs.

Forest Lawn Mortuary

It does not matter if you want a conventional or a cultural funeral; their staff is ready to accommodate your needs. You can plan ahead and make personalized changes to their services so you can have the funeral service you want.

The establishment is also equipped with top facilities for all kinds of funerals, crematorium, headstone choices, and burial grounds. Forest Lawn is dedicated to bringing the most memorable funerals for honoring the death of their client's loved ones which is why grief counseling is also available at their facilities.

Mount Sinai Memorial Park

Mount Sinai Memorial Park

Mount Sinai Memorial Park is more than just a funeral home. It is a place that offers one of the best professional services when it comes to Los Angeles mortuary establishments, along with pre planning services and counselors who are there to help you get through the loss of a loved one. All funeral and burial arrangements are taken care of by the staff.

With a commitment to helping clients and their family members experience the most comfortable journey through one of the toughest challenges in life, Mount Sinai memorial park in Los Angeles is a place that makes events like these seem simpler to navigate.

traditional funeral

Under one roof, you have all the necessary services, including cremation. With an ever-ready staff waiting at your beck and call, you never have to worry about anything in the services with them.

They are also quite accommodating of all beliefs and will offer their funeral home services to you whenever you need them. You can also plan ahead and find ideal burial locations for yourself or your family members.

Calvary Cemetery and Mortuary

Calvary Cemetery and Mortuary

The Calvary is a funeral home that houses professionals working around the clock. You can count on them to offer their services at any time of the day, no matter what you need. 

The staff, along with the funeral directors at Calvary Cemetery, are well qualified to take care of all your funeral needs, including filling up death certificates, making funeral arrangements, and maintaining a register book, all the while providing comfort to families who are experiencing terrible loss.

They can also offer cremation services that are personalized and respectful of death in all ways necessary. You also don't have to worry about the funeral cost since they offer many different packages that can fit anyone's budget.

Angelus Funeral Home

Angelus Funeral Home

Since 1925, Angelus Funeral Home has served as one of the top Los Angeles mortuary lists. It is one of the family's largest mortuaries in Los Angeles, ca.

Widely known for its exceptional dignified facilities, Angelus Funeral Home offers the best packages to help you honor your family and loved ones.

The sheer dedication of their staff to offer the best funeral arrangements, serve everyone and assist in all ways possible is what makes this one of the best funeral homes in Los Angeles area. You can contact them anytime you want to get assistance on how the plan and process of the funeral will be.

Inglewood Funeral And Cremation Services

Inglewood Mortuary

Inglewood Cemetery Mortuary is one of the few family-owned places in Los Angeles CA. However, it still stands out as one of the best among the top listed Los Angeles mortuary establishments.

This funeral home offers some of the most reasonable packages at affordable prices so families of the deceased can pay for an excellent and memorable service. Although simple, this convenience makes this family-owned funeral home a good competitor in the market.


With a staff ready to take on all your needs and satisfy your every request, Inglewood Cemetery Mortuary can help you plan the celebration of life while showing the utmost respect for clients and their families.

memorial ceremony

They have funeral directors who are well versed in both the funeral process and the funeral pre-planning system, so you don't have to stress out about adding additional burden to an already distressing day.

The funeral directors will help the family make difficult but necessary decisions, with legal documentation of everything, including your death certificate, should it ever come in need. You can customize the service according to your requirements and create something that caters to your unique prerequisites.

Cedar Hill Mortuary And Funeral Services


Based in Los Angeles, Cedar Hill Mortuary & Accommodations is a funeral home that also caters to cremation service. With more than 2 decades of experience and expertise under their belt, it is easy to say that they know how to handle all kinds of funeral needs that bereaved families might have.

burial plot

They offer their services to all walks of faith with a professional staff ready to cater to any specific or personalized need that their clients might have. Not only this but Cedar Hill Mortuary also offers burial services like full service and direct burials. Likewise, they also offer complete and direct cremations according to their client's demands.

They also provide services for veterans as a way of saying thanks for their service to the country.

Felipe Bagues Mortuary And Funeral Service

Felipe Bagues Mortuary

Felipe Bagues Mortuary is another family-owned funeral home in Los Angeles, California. Their services include burials, funerals, cremation, and other such options. They also offer services for anyone who wants to make appointments online and preplan these services.

The good thing about the Felipe Bagues Mortuary is that the staff and funeral directors are fluent in Spanish, so if you want your service to be conducted in another language, you can depend on them. They are responsive through their online portals, so you can quickly contact them for any queries and to set up meetings if necessary.

night cemetery

How to choose the perfect funeral home?

With so many types of funeral homes, you might find it overwhelming to choose the right one. Here are a few things you might want to consider before choosing a funeral home:

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What services are they offering?

Most funeral homes offer different packages and services at different price points. You can choose one according to your budget.

Some of the essential features to look for are:

Are They Flexible On Religious Grounds?

religious funeral

Since every religion has different ways of dealing with death, funeral homes should be flexible to accommodate the traditions of any religion.

traditional funeral

Some families might have traditions and customs they want to observe during the service. Funeral homes and their staff should be flexible enough to cater to their client's needs.

Do They Have a Good Reputation?

body in casket

It's essential to book a funeral home with a good reputation. Because this is a celebration of the death of a loved one, families put a lot of effort into making the service as seamless and beautiful as possible. Funeral homes play a massive role in determining the outcome of the service. Hence, finding an establishment that makes your entire process stress-free would be best.

Where is the funeral home located?

funeral home

Another essential aspect to consider is the location of the establishment. When planning a funeral service, you want the location to be easily reachable. The last thing you need is to have everyone attending the funeral calling and asking for directions. This will only add more stress to an already distressing day. Instead, try to find a funeral home that is easy to locate on a map, is close to home, and has ample space for attendees to park their cars.

What are their costs?


Having a set budget is also an essential aspect of planning a funeral service. Some funeral homes charge more for their services than others but remember that these extra charges might be directly linked to the quality of the service. However, higher prices don't always mean better services. So it is a good idea to go through some reviews online to talk to people who have used their services and see what your choices can be narrowed down to.

Do they offer resources for people who are grieving?

people in grief

Losing someone close to you is always stressful. Some people deal with grief better than others, so it's normal to need professional help when facing such a situation. Some funeral homes have grief counselors who are professionals at dealing with people who are in mourning. Depending on the client's needs, they offer grief counseling for groups and individuals.

For some, individual counseling is more comfortable, while others like having a support system to help them talk about their problems and help each other out. In some cases, you can even request a home visit from these counselors if you want.

Do they have a dedicated staff?

funeral directors

So much of what goes on in arranging a funeral service has a lot to do with the staff working at the funeral home. In more ways than not, they are the backbone of the entire system, ensuring everything is going according to plan. You have to contact them to make plans, customize the packages and decide what happens where. The staff is usually headed by a funeral director who oversees everything. A reliable staff will make your experience less stressful, so you must review the service beforehand.

Trusted Caskets:

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