Rose Hills Memorial Park And Rose Hills Mortuary In Los Angeles.
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Rose Hills Memorial Park And Rose Hills Mortuary In Los Angeles.

The passing of a loved one is a difficult time for the family and everyone around them. That's why choosing a funeral home that can help you heal is paramount. And that's what our friends at Rose Hill do every day.

 Located in Whittier, California, Rose Hills Memorial Park is a beautiful sanctuary where you can cherish the memories of a loved one. We aren't the only ones saying it; just hear from the countless Californian families this fine establishment has restored. 

Rose Hills offer exceptional cremation and burial facilities to bring peace and closure to bereaved families. The funeral home is a place where you can find thoughtful support, comfortable amenities, exceptional endowment care, and, most importantly, a beautiful setting to release your emotions.

Red Rose

The History Of Rose Hills Memorial Park

Rose hill has provided meaningful cremation services and burials for families in California since 1914.

After so many years, it has formed a close bond with the communities stretching from Whittier to all across California. As far as trust goes, you can rely on them to guide you through this challenging process.

Through the ages, this enchanting memorial park has grown from a tiny 1,400 acre facility to the largest death-care establishment in North America. The park grounds are a sight to behold, consisting of grand mausoleums, a colorful cemetery, and mesmerizing chapels. What’s more, it has grown to five planning centers and two fully functional mortuaries.

What Can You Find At Rose Hills Memorial Park?

Rose Mills Memorial Park is by far the most thoughtful facility that offers dedicated and dignified funeral services for your deceased loved ones. The death of a loved one, whether it’s your father, mother, sister, brother, grandparents, or close friend, can be extremely difficult to handle. That’s why it’s important to choose a funeral home that makes a difference in this horrifying situation.

At Rose Hills Memorial Park, you won’t just be served in a single building with a mortuary attached to it. You will be taken care of by one of the most thoughtful funeral homes in the death-care industry with generations of experience. The Rose Hills Memorial Park offers a myriad of facilities with ceremonial services for a range of cultures.

Hillside Chapel At Rose Hills Memorial Park

This is one of Rose Hill's oldest and most distinguished spaces and offers a quiet and serene atmosphere enclosed by nature. The chapel was constructed in 1956 and has been the resting place for cherished companions and beloved families in California. The building itself is a beautiful creation, with opulent 22-foot windows that flood the interiors with natural light from the sun. What’s more, the stunning gallery can seat approximately 185 guests.

At the Hillside Chapel, you can say your final goodbye to your loved ones as they are laid to rest amidst the lush, beautiful grass lawns teeming with wildlife. It provides a serene resting place often visited by enchanting deers and soothing songbirds. The ambiance is intended to give you a safe and serene environment where you can express your feelings, and the beauty of the surrounding landscape provides a calm environment for a future visit.

SkyRose Chapel At Rose Hills Memorial Park

The SkyRose Chapel is a magnificent structure and a prominent landmark in California. It is a breathtaking chapel featuring ethereal architecture and includes an underground mausoleum.

The entrance is marked by cascading 12-foot doors leading to a large open space that fills your heart with emotions. Visitors are treated to an alluring view of the valley underneath which only intensifies the overall uniqueness of the space. The beauty of this Whittier-based chapel simply cannot be described in words.

Rose Hills Memorial Park often hosts various events at the SkyRose Chapel, such as candlelight celebrations, annual memorials for Buddhist communities, and Vietnamese Vu Lan chanting services, amongst others. Finally, the Quimby pipe organ makes sure the gallery is always filled with touching melodies.

Rainbow Chapel At Rose Hills Memorial Park

This is Rose Hills very first dedicated chapel dating all the way back to 1942 and is a perfect choice if you want a close-knit, intimate memorial. The chapel is decorated with enormous windows that let in lots of natural light and also treat your eyes with an encapsulating view of the El Portal de la Paz cremation garden.

The Rainbow Chapel holds the second mausoleum built on Rose Hills and features hand-painted ceilings structured in the California Mission style. The staff is exceptionally helpful and will assist you with any service you need. What’s more, it is the final resting place for some of Rose Hills original founders.

Memorial Chapel At Rose Hills Memorial Park

The memorial chapel is an architectural masterpiece featuring angelic designs and an elegantly intimate environment, easily one of the most impressive mausoleums ever built in Los Angeles area. It can accommodate around 190 visitors and specializes in hosting poignant memorials and meaningful funerals for all faiths.

Here, you will be welcomed by the mesmerizing halls and colossal pillars that almost graze the sunrise. What’s more, you can also visit the memorial terrace which houses over 200 gravesites, and memorial gardens which house over 300 gravesites and includes an enchanting fountain. Additionally, the unique building also hosts services for fallen veterans and first responders.

Hua Yuan At Rose Hills Memorial Park

Perhaps the most prominent facility of Rose Hills is the Hua Yaun complex, a 140000 square compound that offers premium funeral arrangements unlike any other. This is where we feel Rose Hills Memorial Park and Cemetery outdoes everyone else in the funeral business. It provides state-of-the-art provisions that you won’t find anywhere else in the city of Whittier.

The Hua Yuan experience offers the most honorable memorials for Chinese, and Asian families. The establishment offers traditional memorial products and ceremonials for the Chinese culture while including other cultures as well.

What’s more, it comes with a catering kitchen, a luxurious dining room, and an opulent courtyard that offers a calm and serene atmosphere. It can host the most high-quality premium funeral event that money can buy and is a unique facility in the death-care industry. With the Hua Yuan experience, Rose Hills does a great job of fulfilling all the details of cross-cultural funeral ceremonies, proving yet again why they are the best in the industry.

Alhambra Mortuary At Rose Hills Memorial Park

When it comes to the mortuary, Rose Hills knows how to exceed your expectations with delicate and thoughtful care for the dead. They understand how important the deceased person was to you, especially in terms of a family member. It is difficult to trust establishments when losing someone in your family, like our closest family members. That’s why they always take exceptional care in their preparations. So whether it’s your relatives or friends, you can rely on Rose Hills Alhambra Mortuary to take care good care of them.

If you are looking for a funeral home in Whittier that can give you a specialized Asian funeral service, then the Alhambra Mortuary is a perfect choice. This unique mortuary provides compassionate and respectful burial ceremonies for Asian cultures, Catholics, and protestants alike. What’s more, the staff can communicate in a wide range of languages such as Cantonese, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Spanish.


Rose Hills Mortuary

The Rose Hills Mortuary provides on-site cremations and funeral services to make things more convenient for the bereaved family. It is by far the best mortuary in Whittier city and has a wonderful care center staffed by the most experienced funeral specialists in California. The witness crematorium features a viewing lounge that can host up to 10 people, making it a perfect choice for private and intimate gatherings.

If you come from a Buddhist family, you can find comfort in the Hall of Endless Remembrance, a unique section that holds over 1,700 Buddhist ceremonials every year. Rose Hills also provide you with an experienced funeral arranger who is familiar with your language and culture, so you can express yourselves to the fullest. It goes to show the amount of detail and planning they take into account so you can have the perfect funeral service.

Why Should You Choose Rose Hills?

Located not far away from our caskets company location, Rose Hills at 3888 Workman Mill, Whittier, CA provides an advanced level of understanding for the funeral service you desire. Every mausoleum provides a calm and serene atmosphere with ample open space so you can hear the soothing music that encircles the interiors.

Instead of having just one mortuary, Rose Hills offers more, with convenient connections to the cemetery of your choice. They know how to maintain the gravestones and do an impeccable job at it, taking immense care of each plot. Unlike most funeral homes, Rose Hills don’t treat death care like a business but as a personal service to ensure you get the emotional release you deserve. To date, it is one of the best funeral homes we have come across in Los Angeles and the largest in North America.

Furthermore, the reputation of Rose Hills is such that it is the final resting place for several celebrities like actor Timothy Carter and modern dancer Alvin Ailey Jr. If that isn’t enough, the beautiful grass in the roses garden is wonderful to feel, especially during the sunrise in march which is the ideal month to visit the cemetery. Yes, funeral costs are always expensive but, Rose Hill has funeral options for all budgets, which was proven by many of the customers who came to Trusted Caskets to save on funeral costs by buying our funeral products at reasonable casket prices.
At the same time, Trusted Caskets deliver our caskets to Rose Hills, usually a few times a week, at no extra charge. 

To contact Rose Hills, you can fill out a form on their website, which also lets you book funerals and search for plots in advance, depending on the availability. You can also contact them on their customer care number if you want to discuss fees or book a tour.

Rose Hills is available on all business days, including the weekends.