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Affordable Funeral Homes In The Los Angeles Area - How To Choose.

Finding an affordable funeral home can be a challenge if you live in the City of Angels. Los Angeles is the biggest city in California and contains many options for funeral homes, with most of them being too expensive for your comfort level. After all, Los Angeles, and City of Hollywood is pricey, and so are most of the services it provides. 

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Some people say that well-known and reputable funeral homes in Los Angeles, like, for example, Hollywood Forever, or Forest Lawn, can be expensive, but many factors need to be taken into consideration. First,  it is a known fact that high-quality services could cost more, and this is also always depending on the funeral service ordered, but even then, those are not the only options for funeral homes in California. Plenty of funeral homes will offer you a thoughtful memorial service at an affordable budget. You just need to know how to find them, and with this guide, you definitely will. Today, we'll discuss everything you should know about finding an affordable funeral home in Los Angeles, and the Hollywood area.

Affordable Funeral Home - How To Pick The Right One?

Choosing an affordable funeral home or casket doesn't mean you should compromise on quality. After all, the funeral is the only event where you can honor the life of your fallen loved one. However, focusing too much on service level will definitely increase expenses.


But don't worry, many funeral homes in the industry prioritize the client's emotions over profit. So much so that families across California flock to them for their services.

Do Your Research

When you make funeral service arrangements for a loved one, it's important to understand what resources the establishment can offer. Inspect the service and funeral item prices and compare them with other options. Also, compare the prices of funeral services such as embalming, cremation, coffins, memorials, burials, etc.


Contact them and enquire about every detail, from the kind of cemeteries they have to the type of burials they offer. Keep in mind, some cemeteries could offer services for particular religions only, such as Catholic or Muslim, with special services provided. Once you have found a funeral home you like, save it in a list and keep adding more options as you go.

Start With Reputation

Another way to learn about something is to dig into funeral home history. For example, Hollywood Forever has had a long-standing relationship with California families. They have gained quite a reputation; just read the customer reviews. They know how to care for the bereaved family in a way that brings closure and hope into their lives.

Read Customer Reviews

Don't hear it from them; hear it from the bereaved families they have helped. The benefit of using the internet means you get to read countless customer reviews and testimonials, so take advantage of it. Doing so will help you understand the quality of their services and whether they are worthy of paying tribute to the decedent's life.

Find Out About The Staff

You have to make sure the home you pick has a professional, polite, and caring staff. Speak to them over the phone and pay close attention to how they talk. Ask yourself, are they attentive enough? Do they have a warm-hearted tone?

If you like what you hear, give them a visit, and note if anyone comes to greet you as soon as you reach. See how much time they can dedicate to you, and notice how they interact. Remember, the staff members are supposed to make this whole process less stressful. So always pick a funeral home with a compassionate and respectful staff.

Read Recent Obituaries

Going through recent obituaries is a great way to understand the level of closure a funeral home can provide. This is where they mention the passing of loved ones and present the deceased in a tender light. So, the next time you read the newspaper, head to the obituaries section and see what moves your heart.

Pick The Right Location

One should never ignore the location. You'll have guests driving in from all over California, so you need to find the perfect spot that is convenient for everyone.

Picking a funeral home near your desired cemetery can also make things easier. Even better, look for one which is conveniently located near multiple cemeteries.

Beautiful Cemetery

The nearby surroundings of the venue are also important if you want a meaningful memorial service. You and your family might prefer the location to be close to a quiet park, away from the hustle and bustle of the Hollywood streets.

Make Sure They Do Everything In-House

A lot of funeral homes in the market tend to outsource their services to other vendors. It’s not surprising for them to hire an expensive florist, or an embalming specialist from a reputable hospital. Involving too many outdoor vendors will only increase the overall costs.

Check Available Resources

Some funeral homes will provide resources such as social security benefits for the decedent's surviving family. If they qualify, a decedent's spouse or children can receive a helpful one time payment. What’s more, some plans involve monthly benefits which can definitely bring some financial comfort for the bereaved.

See If They Offer Any Additional Funeral Services

It would be best if you got the full list of services a particular home offers. After all, a funeral isn't just an event where the deceased is buried, but rather an intimate gathering to remember his/her life.

So, the funeral home you choose must understand life as much as it understands death. Here are some of the services that are absolutely crucial for a meaningful funeral.

Flower Arrangements

flowers for funeral

Flowers breathe life into any cemetery, which is why they're crucial for an impactful memorial service. It might seem trivial, but make no mistake, funeral flowers can make all the difference between a depressing environment, and something hopeful.

Transportation Services

You need reliable transportation to ensure the casket arrives on time and is safely moved to the cemetery. To know about a pallbearers services and who will carries the casket also could be important. You might even want to ensure they know the directions to several cemeteries in L.A., California.

casket transportation

Grief support services

Grief support

Grief support is vital for the bereaved family to feel comfortable and cared for during this difficult stage. We often find that California funeral homes providing warm-hearted grief support are usually the ones people remember most. Don't think of it as a transactional service but a personal experience shared between the bereaved and the caretakers.

Funeral directors

When it comes to providing funeral services, we have noticed that funeral homes and cemeteries with experienced directors offer the best results. A curated selection of flowers can bring hope into the picture, but the tender professionalism of a funeral director is often what a bereaved family needs. Luckily, California funeral homes have a massive list of directors you can call upon.

Access To The Right Cemeteries


Choosing a cemetery is easier said than done. It isn't uncommon for the bereaved family to be overwhelmed by a long list of potential cemeteries, so why not let the funeral home help? Connection to cemeteries is one of the most vital services a decent home should provide.

What Can You Do To Lower Costs?

There are a few decisions you can make from your side to ensure the funeral service stays within your budget. For example, you could buy a less expensive cemetery plot or buy a casket outside of the funeral home from a well-known casket company, such as Trusted Caskets.

Flowers are another micro detail that form a dent on your finances. While they are necessary, there’s no need to splurge on expensive flowers just for one event.

Big funeral homes like Hollywood Forever, Forest Lawn, or Rose Hills provide over-the-top services, such as dedicating a stone monument for your loved one. While there’s nothing wrong with that, understand that decisions like these will drain your budget. Rather than going for something so grand, some families prefer to go with direct burials to save money on funeral costs. Since the deceased will be buried directly, you won’t need an open casket, which will also save embalming costs.

Should You Pre-Arrange Your Own Funeral Service?

Bad planning, or no planning at all is another reason why funeral services cost so much. So why not make pre-arrangements for your own funeral so that you’re family knows what to do when the time comes? After all, there are a lot of decisions that go into a funeral service. Some of them can be difficult to make, and bring discomfort to your family. By planning ahead, you'll be sparing them of this burden.

Another advantage of pre-arranging your funeral is that you have to pre-pay for everything. This will save you quite a lot if you factor in the rising costs of funeral services and items. By paying ahead, you can make sure your family doesn’t have to spend ludicrous amounts just to acquire a specific burial site.


What Type Of Funeral Service Is Best?

For a budget funeral, going for a direct burial or cremation will be more economical. You might also consider doing a green burial, which is quite affordable and eco-friendly.

What Is The Cost Of A Funeral Service In Los Angeles?

A full burial service will cost you $5000 on average and can range from $4000-$10000. A direct burial service will cost an average of $2800 and can range from $1800-$4000.

What Questions Should I Ask A Funeral Home?

Here are just a few questions you can ask a funeral home:

  • What are your services and what do they include?

  • When the casket needs to be delivered(You need to know this to arrange the delivery with a casket company).
  • Ask to provide with a GPL (General Price List for all products and services)
  • Are there any legal requirements I need to know about when it comes to funerals and burials?

  • Do you provide grief support or other bereavement services?

  • What types of funerals can you provide?