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Where to Buy a Casket in Los Angeles County

Trusted Caskets is a leading casket company, based in Los Angeles. We have a warehouse in Los Angeles, so we stock the caskets locally. Buying a casket is not an easy process, especially since most of us have never had to do it. Nevertheless, our team at Trusted Caskets is compassionate and ready to help you every step of the process. Should you need additional information about buying funeral caskets in the Los Angeles area, our team is there to guide you.

Why purchase a casket from Trusted Caskets?

At Trusted Caskets, we have a wide range of caskets at affordable prices. All the products from our website are available here in Los Angeles, to ensure a quick and easy delivery to any funeral home. The average casket delivery time within California is just 1 or 2 business days, and if it’s needed, we will provide overnight caskets delivery service.

We have no hidden fees and make sure that you have a pleasant experience with us from beginning to end. Additionally, we provide with a "Best Casket Price Guarantee", so our customers know, they have the best price on the market.

Our team is dedicated, compassionate, and experienced. We go above and beyond to make the casket purchasing process as stress-free as possible. We have the utmost compassion for your loss and will do our best to meet any requirements, preferences, or questions you might have about purchasing a casket.

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The information needed to buy a casket online:

- The name and address of the funeral home, or mortuary, or church where the casket needs to be delivered. We can deliver caskets not only to funeral homes/cemeteries but occasionally we deliver them to residential addresses or other business locations by customer request.

- The name of the deceased and the date of the funeral service/viewing.

We will need this information to arrange the casket delivery with your funeral home. Should we have any additional questions, we will contact you.

Step-by-step process of buying the casket:

Here is explained a step-by-step process of buying a casket from Trusted Caskets to explain how it works. We do everything within our powers to make the process of purchasing a casket as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Steps to take:

  1. You check out our website at trustedcaskets.com, and take a look at our online caskets catalog that comprises all our available caskets. Here you can find all the caskets information, what usually needed, like for example the type of the casket, the prices, pictures, detailed descriptions, and other helpful information. Please select the most appropriate casket and don't hesitate to call us with any questions. Our toll-free Calling Center is open 24 hours a day.
  1. Once you have selected the casket, you can place your order online on our website by adding the casket you like to your shopping cart and follow the further steps, or you can call us and place your order over the phone, this is a simple process and takes about 10 minutes. We offer few payment options, you can use any Debit/Credit card, Apple Pay, or you can do an express check out using your PayPal.
  1. When you added the casket you like to your shopping cart, click “View the Cart”, and provide there the date of the funeral service and the name of the deceased person (this information is needed to arrange the delivery). Additionally, you can put there a note or any details, for example, if you want us to deliver the casket on some specific date or any other instructions.

Click “Process to Checkout”, and there you can choose to use your PayPal account as an express payment option, or you can use the credit/debit card. Provide your contact email address (we will send the order notifications there).

      Fill out the shipping information:

- The name is the name of the deceased.

- Company name is a Funeral Home/Cemetery/Mortuary/Church name.

- The address is a Funeral Home/Cemetery/Mortuary/Church address.

- Phone number is the number of Funeral Home/Cemetery/Mortuary/Church.

  1. Click “Continue to Shipping” and check your email address and shipping address. Chose decided shipping method (within California we provide with free of charge delivery).
  1. Click “Continue to Payment” and provide your Credit/Debit card number, and billing information.
  1. Click “Pay Now” to confirm your order.
  1. Once you have placed the order online, you will have email confirmation in the next couple minutes. If we have any questions, our customer service will contact you to confirm it.

As soon as we have your order for the casket, we will contact your funeral home to arrange the delivery. If the casket needs to be delivered within 100 miles from Los Angeles, we always deliver them with our drivers, in the order to deliver the casket to farther locations, we use our partner carriers. We will ship the casket out of our warehouse in Los Angeles on the same day, or the next day if you didn't manage to place the order before the cutoff time.

We recommend our customers to have the casket delivered straight to the funeral home. This way, we reduce the delivery time, and you don't need to be concerned about the packaging or storage.

How fast do we deliver the casket?

We make sure to provide our customers with the fastest and safest shipping option in Los Angeles County. Same-day caskets delivery service available by request. Overnight caskets delivery available. We are confident to deliver on time since we have local stock of caskets, unlike as many other caskets companies. Unlike some other casket providers who resell the caskets, we sell only from our stock of caskets. We deliver using our own trucks, and our drivers are responsible and careful professionals. They have the utmost care and attention so that the caskets aren't damaged in any way throughout delivery. All our caskets are checked in the warehouse before we send them out for delivery, to make sure they are in perfect order. If the casket shipped with the carrier company, our caskets are packaged in Styrofoam and cardboard boxes, and we add an additional layer of plywood on top to protect it from any possible damages during transportation.

All the caskets are checked again by the funeral home representative at delivery, to make sure they are in good order.

Will the funeral home accept caskets purchased from Trusted Caskets?

We are one of the most reliable companies selling caskets in Los Angeles County. Over the years, we have delivered to some of the most well-known and respected funeral homes in Los Angeles and other cities of California. Typically, we deliver our caskets several times a week to funeral homes like Forest Lawn, Rose Hills, Calvary Cemetery and Mortuary, Green Hills Mortuary & Memorial Chapel and many more.

We remind our customers that no funeral home is allowed to reject a casket you bought elsewhere, such as from Trusted Caskets. According to the Funeral Rule (more details on the Federal Trade Commission website), the funeral home has no right to refuse a casket bought from a third-party seller. Moreover, the funeral homes cannot charge you any extra fee for handling a casket purchased from a third-party seller.

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