Adams Blue 27.5- Oversized Casket in Monarch Blue Finish and Blue Interior


SKU: TC354
Casket Description

Oversized casket Adams Blue with an interior width of 27.5 inches. This casket is made of high-quality 18-gauge steel. A beautiful oversized casket in a glossy Monarch Blue finish. A light-blue crepe interior beautifully complements the casket's exterior. The matching pillow and throw are included. This oversize casket features silver hardware and solid swing bar handles. The casket is equipped with a complete rubber gasket sealer and locking mechanism. Features an adjustable bed for both head and feet.

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  • Monarch Blue Finish
  • 18 Gauge Steel
  • Light-blue crepe interior
  • Matching Pillow and Throw
  • Continuous Welded Construction Completely Sealing The Bottom
  • Swing bar handles
  • Sealed
  • Locking mechanism
  • Half couch
  • Oversized casket (interior width 27.5 inches)
  • Adjustable bed

Casket Dimensions:

  • Exterior: 83L x 28.5W x 24H
  • Interior: 79.5” x 27.5”( which is 3.5" bigger than the standard size)
  • Weight: 220 pounds