Adams Silver 31"- Oversized Casket in Silver Finish with White Interior


SKU: TC6091
Casket Description

Oversized funeral casket Adams Silver with the exterior width 31 inches (interior width 30.5 inches). This casket expertly crafted from high-quality 18 gauge steel. This beautiful oversized casket is coated with a glossy silver finish. A white crepe interior beautifully complements casket's exterior. The matching pillow and throw are included. This oversize casket features silver hardware and solid swing bar handles. The casket equipped with a full rubber gasket sealer and locking mechanism. Features an adjustable bed for both head and feet.

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Features of "Adams Silver 31" Casket:

  • Silver Finish
  • 18 gauge steel
  • White crepe interior
  • Matching Pillow and Throw
  • Continuous Welded Construction Completely Sealing The Bottom
  • Swing bar handles
  • Sealed
  • Locking mechanism
  • Half couch
  • Oversized casket (interior width 30.5 inches)
  • Adjustable bed

Casket Dimensions:

  • Exterior: 87L x 31W x 24H
  • Interior: 84” x 30.5”( which is 6.5" bigger than the standard size)
  • Weight: 230 pounds