Casket Companies

Why Choose Trusted Caskets:


As a leading casket company, Trusted Caskets assures that the funeral caskets for sale we offer on our website are of the highest quality at a price much lower than in local funeral homes or another casket’s store. In our online catalog, you always can find a large selection of steel and wooden caskets to choose from. Even retailers like Walmart or COSTCO offer just 5-8 models of the caskets and at a higher price. On the other hand, an average casket price at the funeral home around $2800, whereas mahogany, copper, or bronze caskets can go as high as $10000. In our online casket catalog, you can find all sorts of combinations of materials and colors for the interior, with prices starting at $480. is the company to go with when you looking for a high-quality casket at an affordable price.



We are partners with more than 150 freight and air shipping companies including FedEx, SAIA, UPS, Delta Cargo, American Airline, and many more. We always offer several different shipping options, including FREE Next Day local shipping. We deliver our caskets to all major cities within the United States.

Please Call us at (800)950-4042 to get a live quote for delivery in your area.



Quality of Caskets:


We offer a Quality Guaranty for all our products, wooden and metal caskets, which means free exchange or refund in case of damage or product defect. Our company has a BBB business profile, the BBB(the international association of Better Business Bureaus) accreditation means extra assurance to you that our company follows strict business practice. We are committed to making your online purchase safe and efficient for our clients.


Customer Service:

When you are facing the need to buy a funeral casket, it can be very difficult to make decisions. Most the people have no idea where to start. With Trusted Caskets company by your side, you can be sure, you make the right decisions for you and your family members. When you are facing hard decisions in a life-changing situation, call us for the support, you need. We never hush our customers to make an unwanted decision and give our customers full control of the decision-making.  Our agents have been specially trained to be understanding and compassionate, and informative throughout the process.



Our customer service available 24/7 at the phone number (800)950-4042. Phone sales representatives will answer any questions regarding our caskets or delivery process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time.


The process of buying casket:


-          Take a decision about the kind of the casket you want to buy;

-          Place the order online or call to one of our sales representatives to place the order over the phone;

-          Indicate the preferable shipping method and the type of payment;

-          We will call you back to confirm all the details;

-          We will ship the casket to the funeral home of your choice on the same day and provide you with a tracking number.

-          You get the same quality casket like at your funeral home but at a much lower price.