Will the Funeral Home Accept the Casket I Bought Online?
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Will the Funeral Home Accept the Casket I Bought Online?

One of the many reasons for which traditional funerals are losing popularity is the high price of the services. With the casket being the most expensive spending in a funeral, and people still wanting to have a conventional burial, the market online came pretty naturally.

The days when you'd have to buy everything you need for the funeral from the funeral home are long gone. Not only can you buy caskets online for a lower price, but you can also have the funeral service as intended. And you don't need to worry about the funeral home forcing you into getting the casket from them. Keep reading for the details!

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What is the Funeral Rule all about?

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) established some while ago the Funeral Rule. According to the Rule, it's possible for a customer only to get the services and goods that wish to have. The customer also pays solely for the selected services and products, no matter if you're making the arrangements before or after the death happens.

The Rule also lets you compare prices among different funeral homes so that you can choose the funeral plan that complies with your needs and budget the most.

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So, can you buy the casket online or not?

The Funeral Rule has multiple specifications, but when it comes to your possibility of buying the casket online or not, the answer is 100% Yes.  The FTC in the United States of America asks that every funeral home is obliged to take coffins that you bought online.

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The Rule specifies that the funeral provider have no other legal option but to accept handling a casket/urn that you bought online, at a local casket store or anywhere else. The funeral provider is also obliged not to charge any fees by handling a casket/urn purchased from another seller, either.

On top of everything else, you don’t need to be present at the funeral home when the casket you bought online (or urn) is delivered to them.

However, it's courteous and polite to let the funeral home staff know when the casket will be delivered. Some sellers also make it easier for you, contacting the funeral home on your behalf.

What to do if the funeral home still says “no”?

It's not often, but some funeral homes may still refuse your legal right to accept the casket you bought elsewhere. They may even try to charge you a fee for handling the casket.

Should this situation occur, it’s better that you give the casket seller a call so that they can help you. The law states that they should accept casket bought elsewhere, and they have to pay financial penalties for denying you're the right.

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