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From Memories to Gems: How Much Does Turning Ashes into Diamonds Cost?

Preparing the funeral rites of a loved one isn't easy. Whether the deceased person wanted a burial or cremation, it can be heart-wrenching for loved ones because they have to bid farewell after the occasion. Family and loved ones can have a piece of them and many incredible memories about that person. Videos, pictures, and belongings are items loved ones can treasure. People can also cherish the cremation ashes of the person.

Turning Ashes To Cremation Diamonds

These days, many people turn their loved one's ashes into cremation jewelry. A memorial diamond is very much in demand. The cremation process is simple, and only wooden caskets are used, so you have a considerable amount of remains. Cremated ashes have about 1.4 carbon content. The ashes must undergo intense pressure and temperature in an oxygen-less space to extract the leftover pure carbon.

Manufacturers need plenty of ash to make a new cremation diamond. They use all the tools alongside the scientific process to make the memorial diamond. The combination results in faster diamond growth, and the professionals save plenty of time and energy. The result is a premium quality white diamond, yellow diamond, blue diamond, or others.

How Long Does It Take To Transform Cremains To Diamonds?

Typically, it takes about five to eighteen months for human ashes to turn to diamonds. Several factors are responsible for it. For example, yellow/amber takes the least time and colorless/grey takes the longest.

How To Use A Memorial Diamond Made From Ashes?

When talking about transforming cremated ashes into a cremation diamond, you can make jewelry items. If not, you can keep the memorial diamond as they are in a suitable box.

But as the title suggests, what is the cost of cremation diamonds? While you may know about ashes being transformed into memorial diamonds, many may not know the cost. But you don't need to worry because we gave some examples of the price of a memorial diamond, so keep reading this short write-up.

How Much Does It Cost To Transform Ashes Into Diamonds?

Before anything else, it's to be noted that several companies make memorial diamonds from cremated ashes. It's essential to look around before placing orders for any memorial diamond. Doing a little research can be helpful. It will also allow you to decide which one helps you in saving money when buying a memorial diamond.

The price of turning the ashes into a memorial diamond depends on several aspects. Typically, the lowest price of a memorial diamond can be about $450, and the highest can be about $50,000. Carat, clarity, cut, and color determine a memorial diamond cost.


One vital point to remember is that carat refers to the weight of the diamond rather than the size. However, in recent times, the carat is loosely indicative of size too. The rate of a memorial diamond (and natural) goes up according to its carat. So, the bigger a memorial diamond is, the higher its price. A memorial diamond is also costlier than a rough diamond of similar weight and size.


Next to the carat, the clarity determines the cost of a memorial diamond. Transparency indicates how flawless a gem is or how many imperfections it has. A memorial diamond (or natural diamond) rates higher with few flaws (inclusions).


Gems changed from ashes to diamonds can be transparent or colorful, with the scale ranging from colorless (D) to detectable color (J). One interesting fact about cremation diamonds is that they're costlier than colorless actual diamonds. But making a memorial diamond of a specific color can also incur additional charges, though they're cheaper than clear gems. It's because makers must undergo more steps to create that shade. But colored cremation diamonds cost less or equal to colored natural diamonds, including a yellow diamond.

When the remains change from ashes to diamonds, the natural hue of the memorial diamond is different in each case. It's because the content of ashes varies from one person to another, and so each memorial diamond is unique. Here are some popular memorial diamond shades.

 memorial diamonds 


The diamond cut also affects its rate because it needs a larger raw material or because its making process is more intricate. For example, round brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive, while cushion, princess, and oval shapes are more affordable. If you have the resources, ask your chosen company to create multiple diamonds in various forms. All shapes can be desirable cremation diamond cuts like the following:

 diamond shpes

Are cremation diamonds valuable like real diamonds?

Yes, they are because the cost of cremation diamonds are same as natural gems or higher. Here is an an example of a memorial diamond price. For instance, an orange–yellow at 0.03 - 0.09 CT memorial diamond costs about $750, while a 0.10 – 0.19 CT of the exact color cost about $1395. A blue diamond and colorless diamond of the same carat cost more.

The price of cremation diamonds includes producing the cremation gems, polish service, cutting, smoothing, packaging, and delivery. Charges are extra if you require the ashes to diamonds to be incorporated into a jewelry item, depending on how you want the memorial diamond. An engraving on the memorial diamond and a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certification with the diamond will also require extra fees. As you can see from the diamonds price example, the rate of each memorial diamond is like a genuine diamond or more. If a gem is GIA-certified, it’s same as a natural diamond.

What To Consider When Planning To Turn Ashes Of A Loved One Into Cremation Diamonds?

First, its good to know more about the cremation itself.

Once you know the price of a cremation diamond, you have to consider a few more aspects before the memorial diamond buying process. That way, you can have the best cremation diamonds.

Shape, Size, Carat, and Color: Memorial diamonds come in various cuts, sizes, color, and carat. A deceased person might have had a preference for a specific design. Since you're making and buying a memorial diamond in their name, choosing the shape they liked most will be a nice touch. Besides, some cuts are costlier than others. Regarding carat and diamond size, it depends on whether you consider saving money. Go big on the memorial diamond if you have unlimited cash to spend.

Most brands offer the memorial diamond in several shades, and the rate for each is different, with colorless diamonds being the most expensive, as shown in the table above. A yellow diamond or amber is the least expensive but beautiful and grand-looking. Black diamonds are equally gorgeous. If you're not looking to save money, a colorless diamond is the best. There are multiple diamond colors so no worries.

different diamond colors

Price: The cost to turn ashes into memorial diamond doesn't include other services such as jewelry settings, GIA certification, and customized laser inscription. So, ask for a quote about the total cost of the memorial diamond. Compare and select the one that offers the best price. If two brands offer the same price for a similar carat, color, and cut, see if either offers deals. You'll save money even if they offer only one discount. The final memorial diamond price will also depend on how many diamonds you want to buy.

Brand: Several companies create memorial diamonds. But not all are exceptional in providing the best memorial diamonds and services. So, look for info before you decide on a memorial diamond company. Some brands offer premium quality products and deals, so grab those. The memorial diamond must be exactly as their in house diamond in all aspects. It's essential to choose a reputable company so that you get the best memorial diamond and not a replica. A reliable company should also have a laser inscription on the memorial diamond. When shipping, they will properly seal the package to avoid damage and deliver it at the right time in premium gift packaging.

Jewelry Setting: Most memorial diamond companies offer to set the memorial diamond in jewelry items. You can ask them to put the memorial diamond (s) in a ring, bracelet, necklace, brooch, or earrings. You can also opt for a pendant that will look like a sparkling diamond seed.

funeral jewelry

Metal: Gold, silver, and platinum are the most popular metals for jewelry. But there are several other options, like stainless steel, titanium, palladium, tungsten, and white gold. You can select a preferred metal of the deceased person or something you like. The cremation diamond company will consider your order and make the memorial diamond as instructed.

different metals for funeral jewelry

Reviews: If you're going with a little-known company, going through some reviews will be helpful. Otherwise, a company may promise the best memorial diamond, but it may not meet your expectations. Dealing with a highly-rated company will help in saving enormous amounts of money. You'll also get a memorial diamond precisely as you ordered. Suppose you have doubts about a memorial diamond you bought. In that case, you can ask an expert certified by a reputable gemologist institute like the GIA to check and trace elements that may suggest impurity. But a genuine company will not stoop to unprofessional tactics, and your memorial diamond will be impeccable.

How Much Does It Cost To Transform Pets' Ashes Into A Memorial Diamond?

It's not only your loved one's ashes that you can turn into a memorial diamond. If you have a beloved pet who passed, you can also transform their ashes into memorial diamonds. But what of the cost? Typically, the price of a memorial diamond made from pets’ ashes cost about $895 for a 0. 08 to 0.14 CT and it goes higher.

memorial diamond

How To Check The Authenticity Of Memorial Diamonds?

There are ways to check if a memorial diamond is authentic. With a trained eye, you can distinguish between real and fake. One of the primary ways to check authenticity is by verifying the laser inscription. An authentic memorial diamond will have a serial number that you can check with the memorial diamond company. The inscription should also include details like the weight, carat, and clarity grade. You can also use a jeweler's loupe or microscope to view it. However, if you doubt its authenticity, getting it assessed by a gemologist will be the best way to know for sure.

Another way is to verify its fluorescence. Authentic diamonds, including memorial diamonds, have a level of fluorescence when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. If it does not show any fluorescence, it might be a fake. However, it's essential to note that not all genuine diamonds will show fluorescence.

You can also opt to get the diamond tested with a diamond tester. Many jeweler stores and laboratories have this equipment. They can quickly tell if a diamond is real or not. You can also purchase an affordable diamond tester for personal use if you often deal with diamonds. Remember, it's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when spending on such precious items.


Memorial diamonds are as valuable as natural diamonds. They serve as a lasting reminder of loved ones or pets who have passed. However, when purchasing a memorial diamond, it's essential to ensure its authenticity and deal with reputable companies. This way, you are guaranteed to get a high-quality memorial diamond that will last a lifetime and beyond.

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