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The death of a loved one is never easy to deal with, regardless of who we are and our circumstances. Funerals come with so many questions and responsibilities for the deceased's family. Proper funeral arrangements aren't an easy task for the deceased family. Many factors need to be considered: funeral home, funeral flowers, coffin, and of course, everything must be done on time. In some cases, funerals have to be held the next day after the death is accrued, and for these cases, overnight caskets delivery services are a must. This post about overnight caskets shipping gives you all the information you need about the topic.

Funerals cost in America can up to $8,000 on average, which is not cheap. Apart from the cost factor, if your loved one did not have a chance to pick or arrange their funeral, you have to shoulder the responsibility to search, pick and buy a casket.

Funeral homes have packages for the entire service, including the caskets. However, caskets and the options of a funeral home may not be suitable for everyone for reasons including - budgets, personal wishes, religious requirements, and many more.

These days, several third-party sellers advertising caskets in their product catalog is commonplace. Apart from the featured recommendations, several shipping options are also available to the potential customer.

Trusted Caskets has been a BBB Accredited seller of high-quality yet affordable caskets for years. Along with making quality caskets available to customers all over the US, we have different shipping options so you can navigate through the funerals with a little less stress.

What are overnight caskets shipping, and how does it work?

Overnight caskets shipping is a term used by delivery and courier services to distinguish the quickest delivery option from a standard one. Regardless of the company, brand, or department, overnight shipping is often synonymous with next business day deliveries.

Caskets delivery

This is why overnight shipping is not applicable for orders that need shipping to a different country. Most company sites share this information under the international shopping transition alert that reveals which products can be delivered to a specific location or not.

Delivery companies have a cut-off time for next business day orders to be sure the casket arrived on time. The cut-off times vary from one courier company to the other and also from one country to the other. But generally, there is a daily cut-off time for one-day shipping orders, which is adhered to very strictly by each website and company. Following the cut-off times strictly is important as it allows the company to honor the customer's request and make the deliveries as promised.

Most brands' sites typically accept a request for next-day shipping during the weekdays, which is important since delivery companies operate during the week. On most company's website, you can also place overnight shipping orders during the weekends. However, overnight shipping orders placed during the weekends typically witness a delayed response.

Therefore, if you need a casket arrived on the next business day, it is paramount that you follow the correct shipping information on the brand's site. The cut-off time for coffins or any other type of order must also be followed if you want the coffin to arrive at the required date.

In addition, viewing product detail pages will also give you an idea about whether the particular product is eligible for next-day shipping.

Other terms for overnight shipping include next-day and one-day shipping.

Overnight Caskets Shipping by Trusted Caskets

At Trusted Caskets, we have different shipping options for our customers. Currently, we have the following shipping options for casket orders:

Free standard shipping

This type of casket delivery takes 1 to 2 business days, depending on the delivery location. Standard shipping is ideal if you want the casket to arrive within the week. This free standard delivery can be limited and not available in all the states, so please call us to confirm.

Expedited shipping

Expedited shipping from Trusted Caskets usually takes 2 to 4 business days. We have two batches for expedited shipping where we expedite the orders at 5 PM and 12 PM, respectively.

Next day caskets delivery

Next Day Air

Our next day air casket shipping is our version of overnight casket shipping, and a casket order with this shipping option is delivered on the next business day(needs to be confirmed with our representatives).

Next Day Air shipping - Everything you need to know, explained.

Next-day air services from Trusted Caskets is a next-day delivery that you can order if you want the coffin to arrive at your preferred location on the next business day. The coffins from our stock in the warehouse are shipped out by air.

We share all the relevant information about overnight shipping on our website under the 'shipping information.

The cut-off time

The cut-off time for next-day air shipping is 1 PM CST. However, if you order the casket on a Saturday or Sunday, we will process the order the following business day.

While our dedicated team at Trusted Caskets does everything in our power to deliver the order, we ask you to place your order at the earliest. We understand that funerals are a time of grief intense emotional duress.

cut off time

However, we do not control all the logistics in every state. Therefore, we encourage you to order the caskets as early as possible, understand the shipping policy, and cooperate with us.

Where we ship

Trusted Casket's next-day air shipping service is available in all states of the US, including Hawaii, but there are certain limitations, due to not every airport having a cargo facility to accept the delivery. Additionally, we need to manually check the flights availability with the airlines.

We also ship overnight caskets to every funeral home in the above-mentioned states. However, our casket delivery partners only make curbside deliveries. If you need the carrier's driver t to bring the casket in, there would be possible additional fees.

If you want us to ship caskets to a location other than a funeral home, we can also honor your request. This can be at a customer's residential property or a rural location where a funeral home is not an option. please contact our phone representatives for such options to check availability.

However, other than at funeral homes, overnight caskets deliveries come at additional costs. We are glad to help every grieving family through the funeral and burial process. Therefore, our casket delivery department is typically working round the clock to give you a fast response.

nationwide caskets delivery

   Note: Please take note that next-day air shipping costs are calculated for addresses within 25 miles of the nearest international airport. If the delivery location is more than the above-mentioned distance from the airport, the casket will come at an additional cost.

Please contact our casket delivery department through the phone or email as our friendly customer service agents will help you navigate through every concern. You can also change the address of the funeral home or whether you want the casket delivered and other details through your Trusted Caskets website.

Payment options

We have multiple payment options for next-day air shipping orders for you. You can pay for the overnight caskets order through credit and debit cards. Trusted Caskets also allow payments through ApplePay, PayPal, and bank wire transfers.

Return policy

At Trusted Caskets, we offer every customer a flexible return and refund policy. If you decide to cancel or return a next-day air overnight caskets order, you can do so. However, the casket has to be unused and in original packaging for us to allow a refund.

For overnight caskets orders, you need to initiate the return/refund request within 20 days otherwise, Trusted Caskets will be unable to refund your money.

We, however, do not refund shipping fees. If you cancel the casket order while it is in transit, you will also have to pay a 30% restocking or cancellation fee.

After we receive the casket back in our stock at the warehouse, we check and review it to ensure everything is in line with the return/refund policy.

The refund amount from the overnight caskets order will reflect in your initial payment source within 7 to 10 business days.

What is the cost of next-day air shipping by Trusted Caskets?

Our next day air shipping service costs depends on a couple of factors, and we discuss the details below:


The weight of a casket is one of the deciding factors that determine the cost of next-day air shipping. Caskets are one of the heaviest items that a customer can purchase on an online platform, so the shipping costs are far from cheap.

However, Trusted Caskets have partnered with all the major cargo and carrier services to give you the most competitive price. Some of the major names in the industry we work with include FedEx, UPS, Delta, Saia Freight, and many more.

We have shipping agreements with these services to give every customer the best-discounted rates.


Regardless of the product, cargo carriers also take into account the dimensions of the casket to calculate the shipping costs. As mentioned earlier, a casket is pretty large, so it can also affect the final shipping costs.

Delta cargo

Shipping zone

Shipping zones in the US range from 1 to 8, which is typically the distance between stock or warehouse and the destination address. This is regardless of whether the product has standard or one-day shipping.

So naturally, the longer the distance between the funeral home and our stock point, the higher the shipping fees.

If you are interested in how much money your casket order might cost, you can always contact our agents, as we are available 24/7.

What types of the casket are eligible for one-day shipping?

Every coffin available at the Trusted Caskets site is eligible for next-day air shipping service, provided you have paid the money for it, including for shipping. However, it is always a good idea to double-check the availability with one of our representatives.

How can I decide where to purchase one-day shipping for caskets?

Trusted Caskets and some other third-party sellers offer next business day shipping options if you search online. Deciding which brand to order the casket, so your mother or father or a loved one can rest for eternity, is not very easy.

An easy way to solve this out is to search and read customer reviews. Regardless of the product or company, customer reviews are invaluable information, and reading an unbiased review from previous customers can help you make a good decision.

Another way to decide where to get a casket with one-day service is to search and find out the credentials of the seller or company. A credible third-party coffin seller will be in service for several years and have BBB accreditation as a testament to their quality service.

Trusted Caskets has an accreditation from the BBB or Better Business Bureau( A+) so you can order the caskets with full confidence. You can also check out the several reviews on our webpage if you are interested.

If budgeting is a problem, look for an easy financing solution for a casket seller. If you're curious, Trusted Caskets have a program with PayPal to help you finance a coffin. The financing program has minimal requirements, is interest-free for up to 6 months, and is a great success according to the 5star reviews.

Trusted Caskets sells coffins – what is the difference?

Yes, we do have caskets as well as coffins.

Coffin and casket are often used interchangeably, but there are a couple of differences between the two. These are:

  • Structurally, coffins have a narrow bottom with a wide top and look almost like a container. The lid of the coffin can also be lifted and removed completely from the container if required.
  • On the other hand, caskets have a rectangular shape, and the lid is hinged so it can be opened but not completely removed.
  • Another major difference between a coffin and a casket is the price; a coffin is sometimes more affordable than a casket, depending on the model.

In fact, caskets in the US are so expensive that they can seem like a treat for the afterlife. However, the choice to pick an elegant coffin or a beautiful casket to be buried is deeply personal.

After all, treating your loved ones with respect at the end of their life's journey is what matters.

Wrapping up

That funerals and memorials are a difficult time cannot be overstressed. This is why we at Trusted Caskets hope to make your experience a little easier by giving you options with caskets and shipping.

We don't expect our efforts to solve all your grief at a trying time. But we do hope our flexible shipping policies will reduce the stress of arranging a funeral casket a lot less.

Blog Author: Tim N