Metal Caskets - How Many Colors Can you Choose From
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Metal Caskets - How Many Colors Can you Choose From?

Losing someone we loved is never easy, and it's only a matter of time until it happens (sadly). We’re never truly prepared for this moment in our life.

To show our love and respect for the person who died, people have created metal caskets. Even if, deep down, we all know that no casket is going to preserve the body forever, we can at least comfort ourselves with the everlasting feel that metal caskets provide.

Have metal caskets always been popular?

Metal caskets protect the people we love for eternity, although to some extent. It was the beginning of 1900 when metal caskets defined as the most popular choice for families. Back then, the traditional funerals were still about using caskets for burials, and people would never think of other options.

If there were just one word to define the metal caskets, durability would be it. The Industrial Revolution only took the casket industry to another level, and steel turned out to be the no.1 choice for numerous consumer items.

People never gave up on metals caskets as they're longer-lasting and sturdier than the wooden opponents. Moreover, metal caskets were more affordable than wooden models. The designs were more versatile as well. It's possible to customize a metal casket in so many ways (color, finishes, decorations). As we all know, wood isn't as flexible as metal.

World War I forced casket manufacturers to make metal caskets nine times out of ten, if not ten out of ten.

popular funeral caskets

What did the mid 20th century bring to the metal caskets industry?

Even if metal caskets have always been popular, the market took a wrong turn throughout the mid-20th century. With steel being rationed all over the world for military purposes, it made perfect sense that metal caskets nearly disappeared during World War II. It was time for the wood caskets to come back and take the no.1 place.

Once metal became available for consumer use when war was over, people return to using metal caskets. In the 50s, metal caskets were almost the single choice on the funeral market. The elegant feel, the classic feel, and durability were still sealing the deal.

But the constant “game” against wooden caskets never stopped, and people would shift their options back and forth over the years.

How do metals casket fit in today's market?

Over the last years, the hardwood caskets came strong, affecting the metal caskets' popularity. The environmental worries made customers look for degradable materials more often, and wood is an obvious choice. People don't look for the long-lasting material, which is metal, anymore.

Nowadays, customers look for caskets that have little to no impact on the natural elements, even if the casket is accommodating a person you love. More and more customers are stating as their last wishes for their funeral to have minimal impact on the environment. Therefore, metal caskets are out of the question.

Anyone going with traditional funerals still goes for the metal caskets. They’re the most durable and reliable model for protecting the body of your beloved friends for as long as possible.

Which metals are used today for caskets?

There's a generous variety of metals used nowadays for making caskets. Bronze, copper, and stainless steel are the most common choices, and they come in various weight and thickness.

32-ounce metal is used for copper and bronze caskets, whereas the 16, 18, or 20-gauge thickness metals are used for caskets. A low number for the gauge reflects high resiliency for the metal. The lower the number, the higher the price, though.

One choosing a metal casket can also select between gasketed or non-gasketed models.


The locking system

As people choose metal caskets primarily for their durability, it makes sense that they come with a locking system/mechanism that makes it tricky to open it after the casket is closed. Only the people from the funeral home have the key for opening a locked metal casket.

Are there many colors for metal caskets?

One of the many reasons for which people choose metal caskets over the wooden counterparts is the possibility of customization.

As the metal is more flexible than wood, it can be molded in all sorts of shapes for making the casket more attractive. Besides, the finishes can come in many colors. Add the various interiors, and you get to see the numerous possibilities you have in the case of metal caskets.

Here are some of the most popular color combinations for metal caskets:

caskets and coffins

One last piece of advice

As you can see, the colors for the metal caskets are numerous. Unless the person you’ve lost has specific instructions, you should always choose something that would reflect his/her personality, values, and life in the best way possible.

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