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Condolences And Sympathy Message Examples: What to Say when someone dies?

Sending our condolences and sympathy isn’t easy. We look for the right words to say. We seek and wonder what words could comfort the passed-away family. Thus, we are sensitive to words and may value each comforting message during such times. 

Sometimes, a written sympathy letter could comfort us in depths we could not measure. Keeping our condolences concise, kind and short indicates heartfelt sympathy and respect. Yes, our words cannot bring back life, but they can always comfort those who are in despair of the loss. 

It is interesting how words could change emotions. Knowing what to say in depressing situations could make the grieving feel loved and supported. Here are a few comfort messages that can help us in finding the right words to say:

Condolence Message - Loss of a Family Member

family support

Losing a family member is a great taboo in our lives. Yes, it is one of the saddest and listless moments where we need a lot of love and support. Here are a few words that could help the grieving family in some way.

  Please accept my deepest sympathy for your loss. I will always treasure the memories we shared and forever keep them in my heart.

  •   A mother’s love will forever be with us. I will never forget her smile.
  •   All of a father’s sacrifices will always be in our hearts. Unfortunately, he is not with us anymore. But, he will be in our memories and will always be a great man in our hearts. 
  •   In loving memory of our dear grandfather, may you always be filled with his love.

·    Grandma’s smile will always be my favorite smile. We are eternally grateful for her sacrifices. She will be in everyone’s memory.

Condolence Message Examples- Miscarriage

Losing a precious little life can be stressful to the family, especially to the mom. Sending our sincerest sympathy can make things better even by a bit.

Remember that your love was felt by your little one. I pray that you can bear with the pain and have an opportunity to find comfort in the people around you.

  •   I’m so sorry that you have to let go of your baby-to-be. I know that you are already cherishing the life within you. 
  •   Keeping you and your baby in my thoughts at night makes my heart shudder and cry.
  •   I am deeply sorry knowing about your miscarriage. I just want you to know that you and your family are in my prayers.

·    I want to remind you there is nothing you can do about or change things. Sometimes, these situations happen at our least expected moments. I’m sorry that you experience such a thing.

Condolence Message Examples - Religious:

  •   May God be always in our hearts, minds, and souls.
  •   By God’s grace, may you be at peace and grant everyone comfort.
  •   I pray for happiness and peace to the grieving. God will always be our best companion during our saddest moments.

Condolence Message Examples- Losing a Friend

Losing one of our best pals could make our day lose its color. Here are a few words that could comfort those broken hearts:

  •   Your beloved impacted a lot of people in many different and beautiful ways. He will be in everyone’s heart living good memories.
  •   My heart aches with you. I know it is hard to accept it, and I could not imagine how lost you feel right now. But, know that I will always be here, ready to give you a big hug. 
  •   I am deeply sorry to hear about your loss. I know they meant the world to you but remember that the impact they left on people will always bring smiles to their faces.
  •   I cannot imagine how hurt and sad you are right now. I will be here whenever you need a hug or a home-cooked meal. Remember that he will be in our hearts forever. 
  • My heart cried with you as soon as I heard the news. Some of my favorite memories are with both of you. May we always remember what they did and smile whenever we think of them.

Condolence Message Examples - Loss of a Co-worker

Take time to remember the good memories we have with our co-workers. It is best to reflect on their impacts and be grateful that they became parts of their lives. Writing a sympathy card to the grieved family could make them feel loved and supported.

  •   Please accept my sincerest condolence to your family with love and care.
  •   What a blessing that I could have a chance to work with [name] . I could never forget his kind and wonderful soul.
  •   Love and peace to you and your family. May [name] forever be in our memories. 
  • The loss of [name] is felt by the company. May his kind soul be at peace.

Condolence Message Examples- Loss of a Pet

The loss of a pet can be quite stressful. Often, we share our deepest thoughts and secrets with them making their loss a big blow in our lives. Showing support to grieved owners can make them feel that they are not alone.

  •   You are the blessing in [Pet name] life. We will never forget his playfulness and loyalty.
  •   Sharing in your sadness over the loss of [pet name] . There wasn’t a day that she didn’t put a smile on our faces. She will be missed by many.
  •   When they were young, they needed us. Now, we need them. Wishing you comfort and peace for your loss. 
  • [Pet name] lived for years of love, happiness, and full of life. Now that he is gone, my deepest sympathy is with you.

Short And Simple Examples- Condolence Messages

  •  I’m sorry for your loss.
  • Please accept our deepest sympathy for you and your family.
  •  I will be thinking and praying for you.
  • My heart aches with you and your family.
  • Words could not express my sorrow for your loss.
  • May his presence be with you forever.
  • I’ll remember him in my heart.
  • Heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.
  •  A thought of grievance to your family.
  •  May you feel loved and supported.
  • Please accept my deepest condolences for your loss.

How To Show Someone Your Sympathy?


Choosing the right words to say to someone who is grieving is never easy. And writing notes for someone who lost their loved ones is equally challenging. Words seemed to be insufficient to ease our needs in comfort but we can address personal and emotional struggles with it.

However, sending sympathy notes and messages to the grieving is something that they value the most. Simply acknowledging the pains and struggles of the left ones can ease their worries and somehow uplift their emotional tortures. Whether a loved one or a co-worker, letting the family know that we care and feel the same thing as them is a big comfort.

Show That You Empathize With Them

Give space for the grieved ones to show their emotional struggles. Be a person ready to lend a hand for the needs and work during the wake. Make the family feel loved, safe and peaceful by giving hugs and saying comforting words. Be a good listener and remind them that what they are feeling is valid and supported.

Make A Sympathy Letter Or Card

sympathy letter or card

Supporting the family is one way of making them realize that losing someone is another story for the future to remember. Giving sympathy letters to the grieving will ease their eternal struggles and can comfort them in depths we couldn’t measure. Creating a card full of heartfelt words and unwavering support can be a way to uplift their moods.

Also, we can give sympathy gifts to the family. A gift is by no means a gift of support and care to those who are left in the world. The gifts are often small but well-thought. Bear in mind that gifts need to be chosen carefully, bearing the situation on hand. Make it personal and thoughtful to honor the legacy of the deceased.

If gifts are way irrelevant, consider donating to charity by using the name of the deceased. This way, we can help other people by remembering the name of the person who left us with such good memories. In any case, monetary gifts are deeply appreciated. Try to keep it a secret and do it in a way that shows complete support to the family. Lastly, give a hug to the grieving family. This shows how deep your love and care for those who are left behind.

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