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What's the cheapest casket you can get?

Considering the style and material that you prefer, bronze and copper caskets range in price from $5,000 to $50,000. The most affordable caskets are the 18-gauge and 20-gauge steel caskets. Their prices range from $900 to $3,500, with style and type of the steel as the main factors affecting the cost of the casket. For wood caskets, the general price ranges from $900 to $4000.

What is the cheapest type of coffin?

The cardboard coffin is the cheapest type of coffin, these types of the caskets can be used for cremation only. If your budget is really tight and looking for the most affordable kind of coffin, you should check out the market. Here are the cheapest types of coffins.

Cardboard coffin

Cardboard coffins are easy to customize and represent an affordable option for many. However, these types of coffins can be used for cremation only.

These coffins are made from biodegradable and recycled cardboard. They generate low carbon emissions and cremate quickly, which are also aspects that count when choosing a coffin.


If you’re looking for a coffin that lowers the carbon footprint, the flat-pack coffin is an appropriate choice. You order the flat-pack coffin online, and you put it together at home. It’s a reliable method for people who are in a hurry with the funeral ceremony. The coffin is easy to put together and eco-friendly. It takes up to 80% less room than the traditional coffin during transport. Typically, these types of coffins are used for the cremation only.

Pandanus coffins

Should you want an environmentally-friendly option, pandanus coffins are an excellent option. These coffins are made by hand weaving rattan with pandanus leaves. The coffins have a natural appearance and decompose quickly.

Which are the mid-range priced coffins?

Mid-range coffins cost between $1000 and $1,300. Some of the most popular types of coffins in the mid-range price category are:

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Veneered wood

Veneered wood coffins and caskets provide an elegant look without the steep price tag. These coffins and caskets are made with natural wood top and wood veneer panels. Since they do present a luxurious subtle note, the veneered wood caskets and coffins are pretty standard for many traditional funerals. If you not a casket specialist is hard to say if the casket made of wood veneer or solid wood since they look exactly the same as hardwood caskets.


Bamboo coffins and caskets are 100% natural and make the perfect choice for green or natural burials. Bamboo is strong and used even in house building in some parts of Asia. Bamboo coffins and caskets are strong and of high quality.

The bamboo is handwoven around a long-lasting natural frame, and it's easy to customize as well. Some people choose to decorate the bamboo coffin with flowers and leaves for a more natural appearance.


Should you want an eco-friendly coffin with a one-of-a-kind appearance, the seagrass coffin is the perfect option. Seagrass is handwoven into a bamboo frame to make an oval and soft oval shape. The coffin has a natural feel.


Some people choose willow caskets/coffins because of their natural appearance and quality. Willow is both solid and beautiful. Since willow is sustainably grown, willow coffins stand in the eco-friendly category. Customizing a willow coffin/casket isn't tricky.


For those looking for an out-of-the-ordinary coffin, the woolen models make for the most appropriate choice. These coffins are made from cardboard and upholstered with 100% wool. They create a warm and cozy feel and are more comforting than a traditional coffin.

Which types of caskets are cheap?

If you look for a cheap casket, the best place to buy from is an online seller like Trusted Caskets. Should you want to take a look at the most affordable types of caskets, the following information will come in handy.

DIY caskets

For those who are crafty and know your way around wood or other natural materials, the DIY casket is the most affordable model.

It was pretty common for a family to craft caskets for their loved ones back in the day. Making a casket on your own is truly a personal decision and an intimate process. Crafting the final resting place for your loved one is healing and can bring peace and acceptance of the death.

The casket doesn't have to be the most exquisite model ever created. A basic rectangle made of pine is just fine, most of the time.


Caskets made of cardboard sit in the low price range for caskets. Cardboard is biodegradable and sturdy, and caskets made of cardboard are used a lot for cremation or green funerals. They're easy to personalize, and you can find basic models for as low as $300. Note, these types of caskets can be used for the cremation only.

Affordable steel caskets

If you’re looking for affordable caskets made of steel, the 20-gauge and 18-gauge steel are the models to look into. The prices range between $900 and $3,500, with style and type of the metal affecting the final cost. If the casket presents a locking mechanism (gasket seal), you should expect to pay more. The interior fabric can also affect the price, with caskets with velvet interior as the more expensive models.

A 20-gauge steel non-gasket casket with a crepe interior is the cheapest within the metal caskets category. Expect to pay around $900 for such a model. For a mid-range model, you can purchase an 18-gauge steel casket with a crepe interior and gasket at about $1,200-1400.

Wood and pressed wood

Wooden caskets are traditional, and they can be just as affordable as other types of caskets. The type of wood used and the size of the casket weigh-in for the price, and you can find wood caskets at affordable prices. You may pay as low as $900 for a pine casket with a simple design and crepe interior.


Over the last couple of years, caskets made of hemp really made an impression on consumers. You can find hemp caskets for $1,000, which some buyers find as a reasonable price.

Hemp caskets are made with lightweight pressed hemp board and allow customization in any color. They look like traditional caskets but have an artistic note that sends the message of returning to nature.


People choose wicker caskets because they can be decorated in the most remarkable ways. The prices start at $900, which isn't far from a traditional casket made of pine or affordable steel. At Trusted Caskets, you can find beautiful 20-gauge steel caskets with crepe interiors for a little over $800. It’s fair to say that steel caskets can be just as affordable as wicker models.

Cheapest Coffin You Can Buy

The cardboard casket stands out as the cheapest model, and its price starts at $350. Whether you decide to build the casket on your own or buy kits to make/assemble the casket is entirely up to you. Regardless of the final choice, one thing is sure- buying the casket from the funeral home is always the most expensive way. Online casket retail companies are the way to go.

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