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Caskets at Walmart- Are They a Good Option for the Funeral?

Caskets became a part of Walmart's ever-expanding inventory in 2009. Although you can only order caskets online, buying a Casket At Walmart may be a good option in some cases, let's dig into details.

The average funeral expense in the US is $7,848, according to the National Funeral Directors Association. And the casket is the single most expensive item averaging at $2,200.
Buying a casket may be one of the most complex decisions you might have to make in a lifetime. Considering that funerals are by no means a cheap affair, getting a good deal from a casket during a stressful time is welcome.
So, can you get a casket for sale at Walmart? And can you get better casket deals outside of Walmart? Find out the answers below.

Does Walmart Offer Caskets For Sale?

It depends.


If you are a patron of Walmart and have a credit card with the retailer, you can get caskets at a sale price. Walmart caskets are by no means expensive when you compare them to the average national standards. However, you can save up to additional money on a coffin with a Walmart credit card.

Walmart also offers options to pay for the casket in monthly payments over three to 12 months with the credit card.
This offer, however, does not apply if you don't have a Walmart credit card.

Furthermore, you can also finance the Walmart caskets. The online caskets are financed through Affirm, a financial lender, and you can make the payments over 3, 6 and 12 months.

Regardless of the product, financing through a lender is always appealing since you don't actually have to fork out the money from your wallet. In addition, financing a casket for a loved one may be a good option if you can't make the payment at one go. However, financing a Walmart casket through this lender can be very expensive as the APR is exceptionally high.

Experian estimates that the average APR on personal loans is 9.41%. On the other hand, the APR for Walmart caskets from Affirm is between 10% and 30% at both extremes, which is pretty high according to the national average.

So financing a casket at Walmart may require you to pay much more...

The price of caskets at Walmart starts at about $1200, which is below the national average prices for the funeral caskets at the funeral home. Caskets at the higher end carry a price tag of $3,395. Most of the caskets at Walmart cost about $1,400, which is quite reasonable compared to the funeral homes prices.
Regardless of the price and quality of the caskets, Walmart charges a standard $49.97 shipping fee. Of course, the shipping charges of the caskets are subject to change depending on several factors. Here at Trusted Caskets, our prices start from $899 for the same models Walmart has on its site. We have many options in wood and metal caskets for any customer's taste.

 Is the quality of Walmart caskets any good?

Caskets At Walmart are actually good in quality, and the retail giant does not manufacture the caskets per se. In fact, Walmart is just a marketplace for small companies who wish to sell their products there. Because Walmart here is a middle man, buying a casket from Walmart has the downside – the price is one of the cons. You can find better prices if you buy the caskets directly from the supplier, without additional margin of this well-known retail. Trusted Caskets is one of the leading casket companies in the US market that sells the caskets direct to the public, first hand, so customers can have a better price for the same casket models.
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The funeral caskets at have different exterior it made of steel and hardwood, including cherry, oak, maple, poplar, and mahogany. The caskets have different finishing, especially the metal ones.
The interiors of the caskets, on the other hand, have crepe and velvet finishing. Every casket also comes with decent bedding and a pillow. Solid mahogany caskets are the priciest ones from Walmart, so the interiors are premium as well.

But Isn’t It Too Good to Be True?

Unfortunately not in all cases things are going smoothly. There are few casket retailers who list the products on the Walmart website, but unfortunately, based on the customer's reviews, it’s quite often that caskets are out of stock, and the main problem is that people do not even know if the casket is available or not, since the product inventory is never updated. So sadly, we hear many complaints from the customers who originally decided to buy a Walmart casket and eventually ended up with a phone call from a casket provider, who offered them to replace the casket with “something else” in stock, and not always for the casket of the same quality ... So sometimes the things are looks too good to be true.

too good to be true?
Here at Trusted caskets, our website is always up to date, and we do not hide “sold out” caskets because some customers won't find here what they want, but on the other hand, we never hide the truth. We know what the only way to build trust relationships with our customers is to start with true and offer only products that we actually keep in our warehouse, and not "something we possibly can get", as some other companies do sometimes.

Can I order Walmart caskets for a funeral home?

Yes, you can order Walmart caskets to be delivered to a funeral home.

In fact, Walmart does not ship caskets to personal residences, and the shipping address must be a funeral home or a mortuary, the carriers are charged additional fees for residential locations and non-business addresses, so Walmart caskets are usually not delivered there.
Funeral homes offer caskets as parts of the service. This means that when you bring a casket from a third party, the funeral home loses some revenue.

Nevertheless, the Federal Trade Commission states that funeral homes must accept third-party caskets for the funeral if the client wishes so. If a funeral home does not accept a Walmart casket you ordered online or any third-party casket for that matter, it is a violation of the The FTC Funeral Rule.

A violation of the Funeral Rule by the funeral home or a funeral director can warrant a fine from the FTC, so know your right.

One component that not even the FTC can regulate is how much a funeral home charge for accepting or delivering a casket. Most funeral homes are typically short-staffed, requiring them to charge a handling fee to accept the delivery. Some funeral homes trying to charge for the packaging removal, so know your rights, and not let the funeral home charge you for the services or products you don’t need.


 What are the advantages of getting a casket online?

Getting a casket online comes with several advantages, including:

1. Convenience

Caskets are among the largest things you can order online. Caskets from retailers such as Walmart or other casket companies weigh anywhere from 180 to 400 lbs, which is quite hefty. And this is are relatively big items.
walmart truck
When you order the caskets online from the companies like Trusted Caskets, the caskets are delivered to where you need them, making them convenient. Of course, most online casket retailers charge a shipping fee of about $50, or so (depends on the shipping location), which is pretty standard. Here At Trusted Caskets, we offer free standard shipping anywhere in California, Arizona, Nevada, and more.


  2. Cost efficiency

Getting a casket online also allows you to decide how much you can or want to pay for it. You can look at the price and the style of the casket and choose what suits your needs and budget.

If you are at a funeral home where the choice usually limited, you may not have the option to choose from a few. Therefore, you can end up with a casket that you didn't really like or pay more than you intended.

Ordering a casket from online retailer like Trusted Caskets warrants additional shipping fees. However, most online retailers keep the casket shipping costs minimal, so you don't actually pay more than is necessary or you can enjoy free delivery.

Do we recommend buying Walmart Caskets?

Caskets at Walmart are a more affordable and convenient way to make the last important purchase at the end of a journey. These caskets are of good quality and are budget-friendly.

However, chances of getting a Walmart casket at the best possible price on the market are very slim. Even if you have a Walmart credit card or get financing for the casket, it does not come at a sale price per se. You must take into considerations paying interest rates for several months, which can inflate the overall cost of the casket.

walmart cart

A better option to get a budget-friendly casket is to check out a credit card or personal loan. Even then, you must pay the interest rates, which may not be financially a very smart decision, but of cause, it all depends on the personal situation.

A better option to get a budget-friendly casket is to check out a credit card or personal loan. Even then, you must pay the interest rates, which may not be financially a very smart decision, but of cause, it all depends on the personal situation.

So, is it a good idea to buy a casket at Walmart, or Are There Better Options for Budget-Friendly and High-Quality Funeral Caskets?

Our days, everything can be bought online, you can find the right caskets for every budget. There is plenty of option for affordable high-quality caskets from well-known online casket companies. Trusted Caskets offers the caskets at the most affordable prices in the US, this can be the best solution for buying the casket online. On our company's website, you can see the caskets inventory, which is updated daily, you can see that you don't have to sacrifice the casket quality just because you don't have the funds for it. Understanding customers' needs, Trusted Caskets have some of the most affordable caskets in the entire country. In fact, if you compare the casket prices at with other online caskets retailers, we offer an unbeatable price, and even offer the “Best Casket Price Guarantee”. On the topic of affordability, Trusted Caskets also ship the caskets for free, or at very competitive rates, depending on the customer location.

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In addition, all funeral caskets from Trusted Caskets are of great quality, and you can find them in different styles, finishes, and materials. So whether you want a metal casket or a hardwood casket, our casket site has the right one for you.

Every casket is furnished with the right amount of bedding that you and your loved one will appreciate.
Shopping for a casket is by no means an easy task. But with reliable casket suppliers like Trusted Caskets who offer top-class caskets at very competitive pricing, you don't have to stress further trying to get the right casket at a price that suits your wallet.

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