**NOTE: Per federal law, all funeral homes accept our casket deliveries.

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How to Buy a Casket or Coffin

Choosing the right casket is one of the most important aspects of funeral planning. When a loved one passes, it’s important for family and friends to take time to grieve. Unfortunately, though, during this difficult time, there is a lot that needs to be done. Funeral planning is never easy, but it’s important to give our loved ones a proper service. Buying a casket is an important part of this process. Selecting one for burial or cremation can be a difficult decision to make, especially with so many options available. You'll need to find a quality funeral casket at the best price point possible. While some individuals choose to make this purchase through a funeral home, many find that working with someone who understands the importance of this decision is the better option and often leads to the purchase of a casket at the best price possible. At Trusted Caskets, we understand how painful and burdensome planning a funeral can be, and we strive to make selecting a funeral casket as easy as possible by offering the best deal possible. We have caskets for sale in many different styles, so you can choose one that not only matches your desires but fits within your budget, too. We don't believe in handling fees or hidden charges. Our mission is to provide you with a high-quality casket at an even better price, all with full disclosure and transparency. 

About Our Caskets and Casket Prices

Our company offers a wide variety of caskets to ensure we’re able to meet all of our customers’ wants and needs. Wooden caskets are always great and affordable options, and we offer models in pine, walnut, mahogany, teak, cherry, oak, and more. Casket price is often a concern and we aim to make our wooden caskets as affordable as possible. We also provide metal caskets, which come in stainless steel, and offer 18 or 20 gauge caskets too. Furthermore, we offer personalized caskets, including oversized caskets and caskets for cremation. Trusted Caskets aims to provide the best deal possible to ease the financial burden that often comes with funerals. Whether you have a budget set or need help navigating finances of funeral caskets, funeral homes, and other expenses you may never have had to deal with before, we can work with you to ensure you get a great deal. Together, we'll go through our casket price list and find the option that best suits your needs. Our top priority is to make sure you find the ideal casket at the best price possible.

The Process of buying a casket online

When buying a casket, many people don’t know where to start — and this is understandable. The Trusted Casket family is here to help you every step of the way. When selecting a casket, you should start by deciding between materials. Both metal and wood caskets are durable and reliable. Oftentimes, it comes down to selecting a material that fits within a set funeral budget. 20 gauge metal and cremation caskets are some great low-cost options to consider. It’s also important to know whether the casket is going to be buried or cremated. There are special caskets for cremation that are less expensive, but at the same time, those caskets can be used for burial as well. The only difference- they have no metal pieces. Many people elect to have a ceremonial casket for the funeral service and choose a nice urn for the ashes after the ceremony. If the coffin or casket is, in fact, for burial, there are burial vaults and grave liners that will help to prevent the ground from sinking in the cemetery, like how embalming helps maintain the body structure.

You don't need to worry about if the funeral home accepts the casket from a third -party supplier or not, there is a Funeral Rule, you can find it on the website of the Federal Trade Commission, by which the funeral home has no right to refuse coffins from third-party seller. Funeral homes have no choice but to accept caskets from any supplier, it isn't necessary to buy a casket from your funeral home if you can buy the same casket from us and save $2000-5000. Additionally, funeral homes are not allowed to charge any extra money for the use of caskets from a third-party seller. You can be sure, the Funeral Homes must accept our caskets. You can visit Federal Trade Commission, official website to get more information here: The FTC Funeral Rule

Why Trusted Caskets Company?

At Trusted Caskets, we take pride in offering a great selection of coffins for sale at reasonable prices. The burden of funeral costs is something we aim to lessen. As our casket price list may indicate, our prices are highly competitive. This allows us to help customers get the best deal possible by also saving thousands of dollars in the process. Exploring the retail options for funeral caskets and coffins is often the last thing people want to do after a loved one passes away. But choosing a great casket as a final resting place is going to help show respect in the best way. Funeral services are not easy to plan, and that’s why it’s important to work with professionals like funeral directors and our casket sales company. Our goal is to make the process of choosing a casket as easy as possible. We know how challenging it is to make funeral arrangements and want to help you make the process simple. We partner with many cargo companies in the United States to ensure we can offer reliable deliveries to local funeral homes. We can even work with funeral directors to arrange next-day deliveries if needed. All in all, we want to offer support to our customers however we can. Our high-quality caskets come at a low cost — and we even offer free local delivery, as well as several different shipping options, including Time-Critical next-day air and guaranteed by time shipping options. Whether you’re planning a loved one’s funeral in a rush or want to get a head start on planning your own funeral, give us a call to learn more about our products and services.

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