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Sahara - Cremation Casket

Sahara - Cremation Casket

$650.00 $480.00


This cremation casket is handmade of a Cherry Wood Veneer in a Matte Teak finish. The interior is fully lined and finished in white satin with a matching overlay included, perfectly complimenting the rich outside coloring. This is a half couch cremation casket and most commonly used for funerals. Expertly crafted with the finest and highest quality materials, this casket can assist with all your needs and is an exceptional tribute to the deceased. Lightweight and cost-effective. 

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  • Matte finish
  • Cherry Wood Veneer in rich, mahogany brown
  • White satin interior
  • Cremation Casket: Commonly used for burials
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    Casket Dimensions:

    • Exterior: 82L x 26W x 12H
    • Weight: 62 pounds