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Middleton - veneer Cherry Wood Casket in Gloss Finish with Ivory Velvet Interior - Trusted Caskets
The Middleton Casket is a traditionally classic vessel crafted out of the finest materials available. Featuring sturdy Walnut Veneer wood and polished with a deep,...
Send your loved one off respectfully with the beautifully handcrafted Harmony casket. Handmade out of Cherry Veneer wood and polished with a glossy, rich, cherry...
The Exclusive Casket is just that, exclusive. Crafted from the finest Cherry Veneer Wood, this vessel is an American classic. Polished with a gorgeous, deep...
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Making any decisions during a difficult time in your life can be challenging, and that’s especially true when it comes to planning funeral services. When it comes to picking out coffins, the choices can be equally stressful as you look to find a respectful final resting place for your loved one. Wood caskets can provide a timeless, classic look for your funeral service. For this reason, solid wood caskets have been a popular choice for burials for decades. 

Just because you’re picking a wood casket doesn’t mean that you forfeit your right to customize and personalize your casket. Wooden caskets can be constructed from a variety of materials, both in regards to their exteriors and interiors. Most collections include several different wood grains to select from for the exterior of your casket. Walnut is a wood grain that has long been appreciated for its dark color and open grain, but others may prefer the lighter coloration that maple has. Mahogany, pecan, and poplar are other woods frequently used for caskets, and may be a better fit for your funeral service. Ultimately, you want to find a coffin that is constructed out of durable materials to protect it from outside elements. Solid wood caskets perfectly address these needs, while also adding warmth and class to your funeral.

Caskets are more than just boxes to be buried in. There are plenty of custom touches that can be applied to your wood casket to make your funeral a more personalized, special occasion for all in attendance. While a funeral director may be able to offer you some guidance, there are plenty of decisions you can make for yourself online. If you know that you appreciate the qualities of natural wood, you can continue to customize your purchase online. You may want to line the interior with velvet, which is one of the most commonly used materials for the inside of a burial casket. Color choice is something you will need to consider for the interior. For example, if you have chosen a solid poplar casket, you may want to choose an ivory-colored velvet interior instead of a traditional white, as poplar itself is a lighter hardwood. Beige is another common interior color that can add class to any casket.

There are more ways to customize your casket’s design than just its wood grain and interior materials, too. One popular choice for many spiritual individuals is selecting a Trappist casket, which is a burial casket made by Trappist Roman Catholic monks. Most Trappist caskets are made and blessed at New Melleray Abbey in Iowa, and are constructed using craftsmanship techniques that have been passed down through generations of monks. An oversize casket is another option in situations where your loved one will not fit in a traditional casket. Oversized caskets are just as elegant as other coffins, and can be purchased at similar prices, saving you money during a difficult moment in your life.

While some families choose to use an urn and cremation for their burial, most Americans agree that using burial caskets are a time-honored tradition that they would like to continue. Many wrongly believe that going to a crematory is a more cost-effective method of burial, when in actuality websites like ours offer great deals on caskets that rival cremation costs. Rather than settling on an urn, consider how picking the right hardwood casket can fit the service you would like to have when you pass away. We always have an extended list of models of Cremation Caskets, Metal caskets, Oversize caskets, Wood Veneer caskets, Solid wood caskets. Please check our catalog or call us to find the most suitable product.