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Discount Caskets in Long Beach


Long Beach Casket Company:

Trusted Caskets company offers a wide selection of funeral caskets and coffins for sale in Long Beach CA, as well as all other surrounding cities and areas in California. We offer FREE 1-2 days ground shipping for all our caskets. Same-day delivery possible as well, if it’s necessary. We understand how important it is to choose the right funeral casket for burial or cremation for your loved one. Here at Trusted Caskets, we offer high-quality caskets and coffins for sale at discount prices.

Caskets For Sale in Long Beach:

If you are looking for a Long Beach casket company that sells elegant and quality caskets at affordable prices, then you need to go through our collection of premium caskets that were manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen. You will be amazed by the various details which emphasize quality and workmanship. Our collection of high-quality Long Beach caskets focuses on the needs of our customers as well as visual aesthetics. We do our best to meet the religious, ethical and budget needs of our customers.

Top 4 Factors That You Should Consider When Selecting a Casket:

Here are the top 4 things that you shouldn't overlook when you’re selecting a casket for your loved ones:

- Casket Material

Casket materials are generally categorized into two. Metal(steel caskets) includes copper, bronze, standard steel, and stainless steel are the metals that are commonly used in making caskets. And of course, wooden caskets, the common types of wood used for making funeral caskets is teak, maple, mahogany, cherry, pine, and oak. Wood veneer caskets are very common and popular our days as well, they are looks almost exactly like solid wood caskets, and sometimes it is hard to say if it is a wood veneer or hardwood casket, at the same time, the price for veneer ones is much cheaper.

- Color and Finish

Apart from the materials used for the casket, another thing that you need to pay attention to is the finishing. For example, a metal can be painted to give it a beautiful design that will align with the personalities of your loved one. Metal caskets often can be finished in 2-3 toned colors, brushed or can have a gloss or mat finish. The wood casket can also be designed and decorated to give it an elegant finish, some of them have a special antique look.

- Casket Size

Another factor that you should consider when purchasing a casket is the size. Most of the people need a regular, standard-sized casket, and only 10-15% needs oversized casket models. Usually, if you need an oversized casket, your funeral director let you know about that. The good news is that here at Long Beach casket company, we have various elegant caskets for sale in different sizes. So you can rest assured that you will have no difficulties when choosing one for your loved one.

- Funeral type, burial or cremation?

Knowing the purpose of buying a casket will also guide you on the type of casket to buy. You need to decide if you want a traditional burial ceremony for your loved one, or if you want to cremation service. Unlike cremation caskets that are made of combustible materials, burial caskets are very strong.
Always remember that one of the ways that you can give your dearly departed a decent send-off is by getting one of elegant premium quality caskets. We offer caskets and coffins for sale in Long Beach with delivery to the funeral home of your choice. We provide free ground shipping everywhere in California.

Our Coffins are Available 24/7:

As a leading industry Long Beach casket company, we will provide you with valuable information that will help you to make the right choice of the funeral casket for your loved one. We look forward to serving you.

Know Your Rights:

You are in no way obligated to buy any kind of funeral merchandise, including coffins, vaults alternative container or urn from the funeral home or crematory. It is your legal right to purchase what you want from a funeral home or a third-party company in California. This rule, referred to as Funeral Rule, is listed on the Federal Trade Commission’s website. So, the funeral home or your funeral director cannot refuse coffins from a third-party supplier. You can rest assured knowing you can purchase unique coffins from Trusted Caskets instead of the local funeral home that will be handling the memorial services and burial or cremation of your loved one. We guarantee you that buying caskets direct from Trusted Caskets will save you anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 on the funeral costs. This is a substantial amount that you can put to good use later on.